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Massage chair for back pain, spinal pain

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 8, 202011:31 AM ET

Massage chair is not only effective to help you relax, reduce stress. It also has a very good therapeutic effect. The back pain massage chair is quite effective. In this article, join Elipsport Vietnam Sports Group to learn about this effect of massage chairs. Buy a massage chair at: Ghe massage.

The information we give you below is especially suitable if you are a person with chronic back pain or bone and joint diseases such as spine spine, sciatica …

1. Why do you need a back pain massage chair?
Back pain is a very common condition today. It’s not just the elderly that often experience back pain. Young people who mobilize a lot or office workers sit in one seat for a long time are also susceptible to this situation. According to the quick survey, 8 out of 10 people experience back pain at least once in their life.

Most people with back pain often ignore and ignore pain. However, if prolonged, this situation will directly and increasingly seriously affect our lives and work. When suffering from back pain, many people often have the habit of using pain relievers for temporary treatment. However, this treatment has many potential health risks.

There are safe and simple ways to treat back pain that are still highly effective. One of them can not help but mention the use of foot massage chairs. If you are looking for a solution for your back pain or a loved one, you should not ignore the massage chair.

2. The mechanism of treatment of back pain, spine of massage chair
Many scientific studies and analyzes have proven effective in treating back pain and spinal pain of the full body massage chair. Not only that, this effect is quite obvious. However, there are many massage chair products on the market. However, not all devices can treat back pain. Specifically, only body massage chairs with a variety of massage massage exercises can have this effect. Besides, the airbag system is placed in different positions, which helps the blood circulation system to be circulated regularly. Sufficient blood supply to all muscle groups of the body reduces the aches and pains in these positions.

Some new generations of back pain massage chairs are also integrated with more modern features. Examples include automatic acupressure and precision acupressure. In addition, the function of heating by infrared helps to warm the body. This supports the treatment of osteoarthritis and spine more effectively.

3. Supporting technologies on massage chairs for back pain and spinal pain
As mentioned, high-end massage chair devices not only help you relax and relax your muscles. They also use many technologies to help alleviate aches and pains such as spine pain, shoulder and neck pain. Especially the 3D – 4D roller technology together with the airbag system makes the massage process more flexible and intensive. We will learn together the technologies in modern back pain massage chairs indispensable today:

3.1. Sensor system
This is demonstrated by the ability to automatically adjust to the user’s body size. In addition, the sensor system also has the ability to automatically track acupressure points, which can recognize the back, shoulders, and nape of each person. In addition, the sensing system is also used in modern massage techniques. Examples are punching, tapping, day, and pressing You may not know that acupressure is effective in treating back pain and spinal pain very well.

3.2. Infrared heating in the waist
The heating function helps you relax, aids in pain relief as well as promotes blood circulation in the body. In addition, gently warming the body is also a way to shorten the treatment time, enhance the effectiveness of back pain and spinal pain.

3.3. Massage with the shiatsu method
In this method, the acupressure points on the back pain massage chair are arranged corresponding to the positions of the important points in the area of ​​the back, feet, and shoulders. Besides the roller system on the SL chassis is integrated with the shiatsu massage. This feature allows you to press and squeeze on the spine, contributing to stretching and massaging the back to effectively relieve back pain.

3.4. Zero gravity massage
When you install this mode, your body becomes suspended. The focus is evenly distributed throughout the body. This not only helps to relieve joint pain but also helps you to relax effectively.

3.5. The airbags contract
The rhythmic contraction helps relax muscles, increase skin elasticity and prevent edema. The airbag activity also stimulates the secretion of sebum to lubricate the joints in the body.

Hope this article has helped you to have a more detailed view of back pain massage chair and spinal pain. This effect of course depends on the physical factors of each person. If you are experiencing similar conditions, why not try using a massage chair to see if it works. Wishing you good health and a happy life. If you need more information, please visit the website:


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