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Oct 7, 2020 9:52 PM ET

Exercise with the Elip treadmill with the HIIT exercise

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 7, 2020

Have you ever felt tired and had to stop while exercising with the treadmill? A great way to improve your treadmill training is high intensity training (HIIT). By adding HIIT exercises to your workout plan, you can train more efficiently and burn more calories during exercise.

What is HIIT?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a form of high intensity interval training or high intensity cardio. The principle of HIIT training is to push the body to the highest endurance limit, working at 90-100% of its capacity for 30 seconds of exercise per movement.


What are the benefits of practicing HIIT?

Practicing HIIT is a quick and effective way to lose fat. The feature of this exercise is the fat burning effect that lasts for hours immediately after the workout. At the same time, the body will become healthy by enhancing respiration and metabolism.

In fact, there is no specific number for fast to slow ratio. Entrepreneurs often use 1:3, 30 seconds of acceleration and 90 seconds of slow work, others use 1:2.

Starting with these numbers, you will practice while listening to your body to adjust the proportion of time accordingly. Since this is a heavy exercise, the maximum time for this exercise is 20 minutes.

Exercise with the treadmill with the HIIT

Do HIIT exercises to get through the exhaustion phase of using the treadmill

Oftentimes, you will become boring with a daily exercise plan.

You practice the same program on the treadmill or you simply get on the treadmill and walk or run at your favorite pace and then slow down when you get tired. You will need to speed up if you want to see physical improvement. Your muscles and energy systems will become accustomed to your training habits, and if you can give your body a new challenge, your body will have to work harder to respond.

You can take on that challenge by increasing your speed, increasing intensity, or increasing the slope while exercising with the treadmill. You can be very comfortable with the settings you are using and that’s the problem. You need to get out of your comfort zone to see improvement in your exercise.

Studies have shown that high-intensity interval exercise (HIIT) burns more fat than steady-state exercise in young overweight young women. If fat loss is your goal, then you should try practicing HIIT.

How to practice HIIT?

When doing cardio in steady state, you mainly use slow contracting muscle fibers to maintain the endurance of the exercise.

When you switch to intense activity, like a sprint, the rapidly contracting muscle fibers join the exercise. If you’ve never tried high-intensity exercise, this is a new challenge. Your body will build new muscle and energy systems to meet the new needs of this exercise.

When you do the HIIT exercise, you increase your heart rate and tire fast muscle fibers.

The effectiveness of the HIIT exercise will keep your heart rate going up for a few minutes even as you switch back to lower intensity activity. And this will motivate the body to build new muscles during recovery.

HIIT exercises with treadmill Elip

Warm up for 10 minutes on the treadmill before you start an intense workout with HIIT. During the last five minutes of the warm-up, you can do one or two acceleration cycles in one minute.

Treadmill Setup: Install the treadmill so that the high-intensity training lasts no more than a minute. Start running at a normal speed and the normal slope you would normally exercise. Then, accelerate to 0.8km / h or 1% increase in slope of the treadmill. Keep going up like that until you find the speed and slope where you can only sustain the workout for 1 minute.

1 minute of training – 2 minutes of restoring: You will now begin the one-minute maximum workout recovery period. Restore treadmill settings to the speed and slope you are most comfortable at in 2 minutes. And that’s the recovery phase. After a minute or two in recovery mode, your heart rate can still go up, but your breathing has returned to relatively normal levels.

Do 5 to 8 cycles: One cycle is 1 minute of maximum intensity training and 2 minutes of recovery. Perform 5 to 8 cycles.

Cool down for five minutes at a slow pace. You can consult and buy treadmill at: May tap chay bo.

Walk, brisk walk or run with HIIT

You can combine different exercise styles in one HIIT exercise. Each person has different maximum limits to achieve maximum training intensity. It could be running, it could be uphill walking, it could be a brisk walk. You can choose whichever form you want, there are no rules here.

Once you find the right HIIT exercise for you, don’t be afraid to change it. The speed and slope are your maximum limits. After a few weeks, you will get used to your maximum limit and will want to set a new maximum and conquer it.

With this HIIT exercise, Sports Group believes that our ELIP series of treadmills will help you to meet your exercises in the best possible way but at the most affordable price!


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