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HealthView Technologies Launches New Telehealth App on Apple Store and Google Play

HealthView Technolog

iCrowdNewswire   Oct 6, 202011:42 AM ET

Global Care Capital Inc. a global investment company which engages in early stage investment opportunities in private and public companies, is pleased to announce its portfolio company, HealthView Technologies Inc. (“HealthView”) has launched its new Telehealth App on Apple Store and Google Play.

Platform Overview

HealthView’s Telehealth App provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to scale a virtual care program. Healthcare practitioners are able to expand the reach of their practice while automation creates more efficient administrative workflow. This in turn, saves time and increases profitability. The HealthView App lets patients complete intake forms on any personal electronic device.

The Telehealth Market – Industry Insights

Using virtual care practices for annual patient visits would save $6 billion in economic value. Financial experts expect the telehealth industry to keep on growing, increasing by a 15.7% compound annual growth rate between 2018 and 2025.1

Benefits for Employers

Employee wellbeing is vital to maintaining and improving business performance. Businesses with effective well-being programs are likely to outperform the market, increase employee engagement, reduce turnover and foster a much more positive working environment.

Benefits for Employees

A comprehensive and holistic wellness program will help employees change their lifestyle and make better choices, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction.

About HealthView Technologies

HealthView aims to be a global disruptor in the mental health and wellness space. HealthView provides wellness support and mental health solutions and services to both employer firms and employees. As the population continues to work remotely and from home mental health and workplace wellness is becoming increasingly in more demand and more important than ever before. HealthView is an online solution and tool that employees and employment firms will be able to use to maintain wellness and provide support for staff.

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About Global Care Capital

Global Care Capital is a global investment company which specializes in providing early stage financing to private and public companies. The Company engages in new, early stage investment opportunities in previously underdeveloped assets and obtaining positions in early stage investment opportunities that adequately reflect the risk profile.

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Company Contact:
Alex Somjen, President & CEO

Contact Information:

Company Contact:
Alex Somjen, President & CEO

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