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Oct 2, 2020 8:13 AM ET

The best famous massage chair brands today

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 2, 2020

The massage chair market today is extremely diverse in both brand and product designs. This has made many people confused when there is a need to buy massage chairs. The same big brands are trusted by users for the quality of products and professional sales services and excellent customer care. There are still brands with the trick of doing business, and offering poor quality products. Therefore, finding and buying reputable and quality products becomes extremely important. Here are the secrets of choosing the reputable massage chair brands that you cannot ignore.

Currently, there are many famous massage chair brands on the market, depending on the needs of use you can choose the most suitable chair. Here are the top reputable massage chair brands. This list is selected by

ELIP massage chair

ELIP massage chair is one of the best massage chair brands today and is loved and trusted by the majority of users. With a long-standing prestige brand and excellent product quality, Elipsport Sports Group is especially famous in the field of manufacturing and distributing body massage chairs as well as other sports equipment. With many years of experience and strong development potential, Elipsport Sports Group has launched various ELIP massage chair models, luxurious designs, delicate colors, and extremely flexible functions. continuously improved. Here you can easily find massage chairs with the most modern operating modes and functions today. In addition, this massage chair brand is also highly appreciated by the policy of distributing the product to consumers through a nationwide showroom system. This helps users to benefit with preferential prices, to be able to experience the product first-hand before buying and get the best after-sales from the manufacturer. With these outstanding advantages, it is not difficult to understand why the ELIP massage chair is always in the TOP of the most popular massage chair brands today.

You can refer to some of the best selling massage chair types of Elipsport Sports Group such as:

In addition, ELIP massage chairs are also famous for quality products at reasonable prices with 0% discount such as: ELIP Nobel Massage Chair, ELIP Napoleon Massage Chair, …

Inada massage chair

A famous brand of massage chair that is also highly appreciated by many people today is the Inada massage chair from Japan. The chairs from this brand are famous for their sophisticated, luxurious designs combined with the ability to operate smoothly, excel and endure over time. In addition, this is also a famous brand of massage chairs in the medical industry, especially in the field of physiotherapy. Inada massage chairs with Shiatsu massage technology combined with modern technologies are the desire and love of many consumers.

Currently, Inada massage chairs are not only famous in Vietnam but also in many other countries around the world. They are mainly distributed through genuine dealers and have a high price compared to the general premises. However, with its great features in caring and improving health, this brand’s massage chair is always appreciated and is in the top of the best massage chair brands today.


Tokuyo massage chair

Tokuyo is the next name among massage chair brands favored by users. Appearing on the market from 2001 up to now, Tokuyo has gradually dominated the market, received the support of a large number of users for its superior product quality, and became one of the leading retailers in Asia. Tokuyo massage chair types are famous for their advanced massage technology and luxurious designs, which can act as a luxury interior in a family space.

In addition, Tokuyo massage chairs continuously improve their technology and offer new product types to meet the needs of users. Not only outstanding with the full body massage functions, the massage chair is also integrated with many other additional features such as heating system, LED therapy…This is also a type of chair with a variety of prices to suit all types of customers, including cheap to mid- and high-end massage chairs.

Maxcare massage chair

If it comes to the best massage chair brands today, it is impossible not to mention Maxcare. This is also a very reputable brand of massage chairs from Japan at an affordable price. If you love massage chairs with a variety of massage types such as Shiatsu massage, Knead massage, … then this will be a great choice for you.

As a health care device, a massage chair is suitable for all users. The control system of the Maxcare massage chair is quite smart, so it is easy to use. In addition, high-quality materials, stable performance with high durability is another plus point of this brand massage chair. However, the Maxcare massage chair also has the disadvantage of being quite bulky, so they are more suitable for those who do not require high style. See product details at: Ghe massage.

The famous massage chair brands mentioned above by Elipsport Sports Group have been present for many years in the market and trusted by many users. Depending on the purpose of use, we believe that you will choose the most suitable and satisfy.


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