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Above all, Citronella Geranium is an excellent natural mosquito repellent for homeowners who love the outdoors. With an intense scent, the pretty leaves of Citronella Geranium emit a fierce citrus fragrance when bruised or cut. This plant variety is an upstanding, evergreen tender perennial with fierce, folded, and soft green leaves. During summertime, a bunch of young lavender-pink flowers bedecked with deep crimson brush marks on their petals are subtly set off by the leaves. It would be best to place this fragrant geranium where its leaves can be easily brushed, places such as a vase or containers. Once you get the Citronella Geranium plant, you can be sure to always have your mosquito-free garden blessed with a refreshing scent and fragrance.

How to Care for Citronella Geranium 

Only a little bit of effort is required to grow and care for mosquito-repellent plants. In some climates, the Citronella Geranium plant can be grown outdoors during summertime but should be taken inside before the first frost. You should be well aware that the Citronella Geranium requires at least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight every day, necessary to keep the plant healthy.

Your choice of planting space could be outdoors on your patio for your family to enjoy or in your garden to keep the bugs away while you’re gardening. Because the plant can tolerate shade, you could choose to have yours indoors but be sure to place it next to a window. Selecting the type of soil to be used to plant the Citronella Geranium should be based on that soil’s draining ability. When you have begun the growth process of your Citronella Geranium, keep the plant watered as well as fertilized with all-purpose plant food. However, the plant can, to an extent, fairly withstand drought.

How to Identify Citronella Geranium

The category of the Citronella Geranium appears to fall under the scented group of geraniums; this is because the Citronella Geranium takes on modification of genes from a series of other species coded for the manufacturing of citronella oil. The newly introduced genes enrich the Citronella Geranium with the ability to produce oil that is discharged from the leaves when rubbed or crushed against each other. You can identify the plant by its fragrance: a smell that is like lemony citronella oil.

In respect to looks, the Citronella Geranium plants have a significant division on its surface. The plants are usually not too dark; neither are they too light. The Citronella Geranium are true grass-green in color as they are mostly appended to slim branches that grow at equal divergence on one central stem.  Each plant has multiple stems. The flowers are young, with light pink or single lavender petals. A single plant grows to an average maximum height of 2 to 3 feet.

What To Consider 

This plant may not be the best if you have curious pets. According to the ASPCA, Citronella Geranium can be toxic to cats and dogs, so it is important to keep your pets away. When ingested, it can cause vomiting and depression. Also, rubbing up against the plant can cause dermatitis or inflammation of the skin. 

Benefits of Citronella Geranium

Hair Health

The high limonene and methyl isoeugenol substance in Citronella oil makes it efficient as well as highly effective in reducing the rate of sebum oil released by the scalp, hence combating greasy hair. Citronella also nourishes a poor condition scalp, as well as eradicating dandruff and preventing head lice. We recommend talking to your healthcare provider prior to using this plant for your hair health.


Research has shown that the Citronella plant’s natural scent is uplifting and relaxing and could lead to relieving stress. We recommend talking to your healthcare provider about the benefits of this plant for you. 

Why Buy a Citronella Plant

The Citronella Geranium has various home benefits ranging from keeping mosquitos at bay, to the blissful lemony scent, to health benefits. Put this porch and patio perfect plant on your shopping list today. 


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