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Sep 10, 2020 11:01 AM ET

Healthiest Oils For Cooking in Warm Countries

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 10, 2020

Freshly cooked food is undoubtedly delicious, however, its savor significantly hangs upon what sort of oil we choose.

Of course, sunflower oil has been a leading product on our kitchen shelves for decades if not centuries, but since today we are free to choose between multiple types of this natural foodstuff, why not make use of it?

We will tell you what oils will be the best for sauteing, and other ways of thermal food processing.

How To Pick Up a Correct Oil For Culinary

Most of us believe that sunflower oil is the staple when it comes to making foods. Some people also include olive oil but in fact, many more sorts of this product exist to be successfully used in the kitchen!

What the majority of housewives and home chefs miss is that oil must be chosen not only hanging upon its qualities but also considering what kind of foodstuff and how we are going to make.

You might not know but some oils are better for dressings, others will fit fried dishes, and some will be way more suitable for oven. What shall we do then? Simply figure out the recipe demands and decide on the oil smoke point.

With this brief guide, you will hardly ever become unsure of which oil to buy next time.

The Most Beneficial And Health-Friendly Oils

There have been lots of rumors and arguments about the harmfulness of using oils for cooking and frying in particular. Healthcare institutions are worried about the number of health issues people have all over the world that are linked to the use of oils for culinary needs.

Indeed, if we consume too much of it daily and, moreover, we make use of it for frying (and deep-frying in particular), such an oily “diet” will hardly end up well for our body. Weight gaining, problems with heart and blood circulation…this is even not a complete list of issues that doctors claim oils are guilty of.

However, if you learn what kinds of this product are safe for you, you will have a chance to skip any harmful aftermath!

1. Canola

Yes, there were lots of arguments about it due to the possible harmfulness, but it can be true only in terms of using it for frying. If not heated on a pan to the maximal grade, this foodstuff reveals other, more beneficial traits: the low amount of saturated fats, multipurposeness, and many more!

While it is best for roasting, baking, and frying, this product is better not to be suggested for sauteing and dressing-making because of its neutral savor and aroma.

2. Extra-virgin olive oil

Honestly, we can understand why so many people are so much obsessed with it! It is high in unsaturated fats that are good for the heart, it is delicious and loaded with beneficial elements.

However, having a relatively low smoke point, it will hardly be a good option for frying or even baking, but for drizzling a salad… why not?

3. Pure olive oil

What is the difference between this one and the one from above? Well, the most significant distinction is that pure olive stuff can be used for frying. Nevertheless, consumers note that it is less flavorful compared to the extra-virgin counterpart, besides, they say the pure product is somewhat less heart-friendly.

4. Avocado oil

Sounds exotic but this foodstuff is gaining popularity! The high smoke point, the relatively low level of fats, heart-friendliness, and neutral flavor…this natural foodstuff is indeed a find for any home chef.

This product is not chemically treated which makes it healthier, however, the price can be biting.

5. Safflower oil

This uncommon foodstuff can become a savior for those who still can’t decide between veggie and canola products. Are you also in doubt? Then opt for this low in fats, high in omega-9, and neutral-flavored product that can stand high heat.

It can be safely used for frying and sauteing, but for dressing, we would recommend searching for something else.

6. Peanut oil

Everyone knows peanut butter but have anyone ever tried oil made of these nuts? It is very flavorful and that must be considered before adding a spoonful to the dish, but if you’re OK with that, feel free to mix it in cookies or even stir-frys.

Due to the high heat tolerance, this foodstuff can be utilized for frying, however, go for it only if you are a devoted peanut flavor fan!

7. Flaxseed oil

This stuff is rather unique and even unusual. On the one hand, it is high in Omega-3 which turns it into a good substitute for other foodstuffs containing this element. On the other hand, we can’t make use of it for frying! At all! This foodstuff is extremely sensitive to heat and oxidizes incredibly fast.
What would we need it for? Well, basically only for making salad dressings and drizzling it over dips. This is handy to keep in mind in case you decide to try it one day.
This guide shows only the most beneficial oils that are suitable for various kinds of food preparation from cooking and other high thermally processed means to dressing making. Nevertheless, with this information, everyone can easier decide which oil to make use of next time without worrying whether it will be safe to heat up or not.

And please, remember that not all the goodies that are advertised are exactly what they are described. For instance, coconut oil is described as a miracle cooking foodstuff when in fact, it is way more suitable for baking rather than for frying.

Choose reasonably and cook healthy!


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