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Sep 9, 2020 9:42 AM ET

4 Most Useful Home Office Apps

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 9, 2020

Working from home has a lot of perks, but at times it can prove quite challenging as well. With the COVID-19 situation surrounding us, most of us have been forced to work from home, and it can affect our productivity in many ways. You can obviously adopt a number of habits or techniques that will make you much more productive, but you will require some assistance as well. Luckily, we live in the golden age of innovation, and there are so many apps available out there that will make work from home easier for you. Let’s have a look at a few of these apps and how they can help you with your work:

Google Drive
Sharing files with colleagues is quite easy when you are working in the office. All you have to do is put the file on the server, and everyone will be able to access it. When you are working from home, you will have to share these documents via email or messenger apps, and that is not very efficient. With the help of Google Drive, you can upload the files on the cloud and can share it with anyone you like. This means if you want to work on a document with your colleague, you just have to upload it on Google Drive. That way, both of you will be able to review and edit it in real-time.

Soda PDF
Another great app that can help you manage your files when you are working from home is Soda PDF. With the help of this app, you can edit, convert, and merge PDF files without any inconvenience. If you have a PDF file that you need to convert to a word document or an excel sheet, then Soda PDF will do it for you instantly. Soda PDF also allows you to e-sign documents, which can be very useful in these times. So if you want to try sodaPDF, you can browse over to this link right now.

Most people who work from home either do it sitting on a chair with a plain table or they do it from the comfort of their bed. While taking notes is quite easy when you are working at your desk or cubicle back in the office, it can be annoying when you are working from home. With the help of Evernote, you will not require any notepad to take notes. You can save notes in this app in the form of text, images, voice recordings, and even website URLs.

Managing a project can be a bit tricky when all the team members are not in the same room. With the help of Asana, you can manage your projects better and can keep track of the progress. It allows you to assign tasks and set goals and objectives, which makes it easier for every team member to concentrate on the right things. You can also set reminders on the app, which will notify you whenever you are behind on a task. This will make things easier for both the manager and the team members.


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