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Sep 8, 2020 6:08 PM ET

Popular gaming headsets [2020] Items to enjoy online games more

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 8, 2020

A convenient “gaming headset” for voice chat. The model with excellent acoustic performance also enhances the immersive feeling and makes the world of games more familiar.

In this article, we will introduce you to our recommended gaming headsets. It also explains how to choose and the features of each model, so please refer to it when choosing a gaming headset.

What is a gaming headset?

Difference from general headphones

Gaming headsets feature a microphone on the headphones. Convenient for voice chat with multiple people. In addition, the unique sound creation that enhances the immersive feeling in the game is also different from general headphones.

There are many models with excellent localization necessary to know the placement of enemy characters and high resolution to pick up even fine sounds. Models that support the surround sound function can play more realistic sounds.

Benefits of using a gaming headset

Gaming headsets cover your ears like headphones, so they have the advantage of high sound insulation. Recommended for those who want to concentrate more on the game. Since you can bring the microphone to your mouth, you can reliably deliver only your own voice, which is convenient for cooperative play and shooting live video.

Gaming headsets also have better sound pressure than gaming earphones. It is also recommended for those who want to enjoy game sounds such as sound novels and action RPGs.

How to choose a gaming headset

How to connect

Stable connection without delay if “wired”

Wired connection type gaming headsets are characterized by being able to play in a stable connection environment without deterioration of sound quality or delay. Connection methods include USB and 3.5 mm plugs, and connect directly with the terminal.

In the case of the wired type, be careful as things with too short codes will hinder play. We recommend that you choose a longer cord with a margin.

“Wireless” is attractive because it is easy to handle

The range of motion is attractive for wireless type gaming headsets that support Bluetooth connection. You can move freely without worrying about the length of the cord, so you can play more comfortably.

However, wireless gaming headsets are prone to delay and sound quality degradation, which is a disadvantage for FPS and shooting games. Recommended for games such as novel games and puzzle games where there is no problem even if the sound is delayed.

Stick to “sound quality” and “sound resolution”

Is it the “frequency” that you can hear the sound you want to hear?

Especially for games such as FPS that require sensitive detection of the approaching footsteps of enemies, it is recommended that you pay attention to the sound quality and resolution of the sound when selecting. The range of sounds that can be played is represented by the playback frequency band.

A gaming headset with a wider playback frequency band can play a wider range of sounds. It is said that the range that humans can hear is 20Hz to 20kHz, so it is recommended to select this as a guide.

“Surround system” makes it more three-dimensional

With a surround headset compatible gaming headset such as a 7.1ch compatible model, a more stereoscopic sound can be heard. Recommended for those who value the realism of the game.

However, the surround function is often limited to compatible game consoles, so be sure to check carefully. In addition, the surround function may lose the sense of sound localization, so it is more convenient to be able to control the on/off of the surround function.

Wearing feeling is an important point

In order to play the game more comfortably, it is recommended to pay attention to the feeling of wearing the gaming headset when selecting. If you use it for a long time, we recommend a model that uses ear pads made of mesh material with good ventilation.

In addition, it is more comfortable to use a product with a headband adjustment function that fits the size of your head or a lightweight product. If you plan to use it for a long period of time, make sure that the ear pads are replaceable.

“Microphone performance” is also important for playing live and talking on the phone

Those who use voice chat and those who shoot live games are recommended to pay attention to the microphone performance. If you can reduce noise, you can deliver clearer audio to the other party.

We especially recommend a gaming headset with a “noise canceling function”. If something with this function is attached, you will be able to clearly convey only your own voice, even if there is a lot of noise around you such as at competitions and online cafes.

Check the device you want to use

For the headset, select a connection method that is compatible with the game machine you are using. For those who mainly use PS4 and PC, we recommend a model that supports USB connection and wireless connection. It also supports analog connection, but be careful because a conversion plug is required depending on the shape.

The analog connection is mainly divided into a stereo mini plug connection and a two-pronged plug. Especially when using a Nintendo switch, keep in mind that only a stereo mini plug can be connected.

Popular manufacturers of gaming headsets


Logitech is a manufacturer of PC peripherals with a high profile worldwide. Released many gaming headsets with excellent cost performance. We have a lineup of standard models for a wide range of people, from beginners to professionals.

In addition, the simple design and comfortable fit that are easy to use are also attractive. It is especially recommended for those who often make voice calls such as voice chats because they are focusing on improving microphone sound.

Sennheiser (SENNHEISER)Sennheiser is a German manufacturer of audio equipment, born in 1945. We handle a wide range of audio equipment, from professional items to models for beginners.

Among them, headphones, earphones, and microphone products are popular. We have a lineup of many high-quality gaming headsets, and the appeal of the high resolution makes it easy to hear game sounds.

RazorRazor is a manufacturer that mainly handles gaming devices. Born in 1998 as one of the Kärna LLC brands. In 2005, although it has a short history of independence and history, it is very popular with game players around the world.

Gaming headsets are attractive because they have excellent surround functions. It has good cost performance and is recommended for those who want to enhance the realism of the game.


Kingston is a leading gaming device maker with a worldwide popularity. There are many models that keep costs down and have excellent performance, and we have won many fans because of their good cost performance.

In addition, Kingston’s products are also attractive for their ease of use. We have a lineup of gaming headsets that are comfortable to wear and models that allow you to put on and take off the microphone. It is also recommended for those who use it on a regular basis other than game play.


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