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Sep 5, 2020 12:57 PM ET

How a Service Desk Can Help You Succeed

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 5, 2020

When it comes to helping your company’s IT department do its work more efficiently, service desk software plays a part in resolving issues faster. That’s because this type of software streamlines workflows organizes information, and eliminates much of the manual work. This kind of software means that your IT staff do not have to look through emails to find the root of an issue or log problems by hand. It’ll prevent any requests from slipping through the cracks.

What a Help Desk Does

Service desks centralize information and automate the process with emails to keep everyone informed about how the solution is progressing. Employees don’t have to track anyone down to get tech help since they can just submit their tickets to the team with an online request. The software can then log and assign each issue to the right technician immediately. It makes the process convenient for both the IT staff and the users. Besides streamlining communication, a help desk can keep better records of each issue, which makes it easier to keep an eye on updates. The IT manager can create reports on the work, which is helpful for reviewing the staff members. Whether your company is large or small, help desk software can simplify your life.

Makes Work More Efficient

Employees can submit issues quickly and get the problems fixed faster so everyone can be more productive. If the issues get fixed faster, employees won’t have their work hindered from non-working technology. And your IT staff will waste less time on manual processes, which allows them to do more important things. Plus, a service desk also lets your staff quickly prioritize and categorize problems. That way, they can decide which ones to work on first. For instance, one technician might decide to take care of several issues in the same room at once to use their time better.

Your employees will like the fact that there is a single place in the help desk system to create a ticket, close resolved issues, and view open ones. The portal is helpful for relaying information to users like planned downtime. If the employees know the system will be down at a certain time, they’re less likely to create a ticket about it since they’ll know it’s benign worked on.

Prioritizing Important Work

Some tickets need to be dealt with sooner than others. For example, getting a new computer set up for someone is not as important as fixing a server that failed and affected the whole business while being down. Or if another worker is about to go on vacation, their issue might not be as pressing as another one. Help desk systems allow technicians to sort and prioritize each problem. Those with high severity can be taken care of quickly and are not as likely to be forgotten. Depending on the priority, tickets can be automatically assigned based on their criteria. For example, you might assign the issues from one department to a certain technician. Or you might assign them based on the topic depending on the training each team member has.


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