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Nicholas Corso Algonquin Police Officer Discusses the Benefits of a Career as a Policeman

iCrowdNewswire   Aug 24, 2020  2:36 PM ET

There is a lot of discourse around the job of a police officer these days, but criminal justice is one of the fastest-growing fields for job opportunities over the next decade. Often we take our understanding of what the job of a police officer entails from TV and movies, but Nicholas Corso Algonquin police officer of 20 years has a view of the benefits of his career that’s rooted in the first-hand experience.

“There are some risks that come with being a police officer, it can be a dangerous job,” admits Nicholas Corso Algonquin. “But it’s also more than just a job. It’s a career path, a calling.”

You Can Make a Difference in Your Community Says Nicholas Corso Algonquin

Nicholas Corso Algonquin retired cop, says that the best part of his job was the satisfaction of helping people and bettering the community.

“You encounter people on their worst days. They’ve made bad decisions or they’ve been hurt by someone. But either way, your presence can make a positive difference. You’re protecting people – whether from themselves or from the bad guys – and that’s job satisfaction you can’t get anywhere else.”

There’s Always Something New To Try Says Nicholas Corso Algonquin

Another benefit of being a police officer, according to Nicholas Corso Algonquin, is that you’re never bored. “I don’t think there was a time in my career where I didn’t feel challenged or needed or busy.”

And it’s not just the day to day routine that indulges the human urge for novelty. Police work allows you to explore any number of career paths within the force. Tired of patrol? Look into transferring to investigation or traffic crashes. “I was a trainer, a shift manager, an automobile crash investigator…my career let me pursue my interests as they evolved,” says Nicholas Corso Algonquin.

If you’re motivated by the freedom to chose what you want to do or by a love of developing unique and interesting skills, being a police officer may be the job for you.

The Benefits are Excellent Says Nicholas Corso Algonquin

The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the median salary for officers at around $50-60 thousand depending on the state. Your time on the force, your job description, and the force you work for all help determine your salary.

And the retirement benefits and health benefits are far superior to most corporate jobs. “You can live or move just about anywhere,” says Nicholas Corso Algonquin. And it’s true that there isn’t a city or town across the U.S. that doesn’t employ some kind of law enforcement officer.


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