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Video Marketing is The New Normal for 2020

iCrowdNewswire   Aug 10, 20208:28 AM ET

In these times of uncertainty due to global pandemic and lockdown, video-based content consumption has increased by up to 40%. Be it the long format like web-series, or the ultra-short forms like Reels or TikTok, video-based content has shown unprecedented growth. This has forced digital marketers, across the globe, to realign and re-access their content strategy.

Social media videos have helped many influencers and brands in enhancing their market value and gaining audience traction. Eye-catching intro, engaging content, mixing & matching of template, and dazzling music are a few ingredients to make a compelling video.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail about video-based marketing and will also share some healthcare marketing tips.

Why are videos so vital for digital marketers?

Videos are one of the most relevant, engaging, and entertaining forms of content marketing. In a recent article on LinkedIn, the users spent 3X more time on videos compared to any other form of content.

Here are a few stats that will show you the significance of videos in content marketing.

In terms of marketing metrics, the more time a user spends on your website, the higher is his/her probability of purchasing your product or subscribing to your services. Videos come utterly handy in extending users’ retention time on your site and ultimately enhances the conversion rate.

The lockdown has also forced people to look out for e-commerce to fulfil their needs. This indirectly has given a boost to videos as they can point out the key features, USPs and gives a feel of the actual product. Videos also allow potential shoppers to know more about the product and have a better understanding of it.

Since the pandemic has forced people to stay at home, videos are a way to analyze the proof of the quality of any product or service. It can be compared somewhat like a digital version of word of mouth. Brands are using videos to launch new lines of products amid the lockdown.

Videos are a way of ensuring your customer satisfaction in these tough times. Be it troubleshooting or manual handling of devices, and videos have been at the front line of customer assistance. Instructional videos have been pretty helpful for customers and have boosted audience trust in the brand.


The last couple of months have changed a lot about our understanding of digital marketing. Despite the global lockdown, businesses are opting for marketing and promotion.

Many brands have leveraged the situation and have inculcated it in their marketing campaigns. It is common for brands to have complicated products or processes linked with their products.

Videos can help users and shoppers in getting a better understanding of products. Video marketing is backed by a psychological understanding of a thousand years of human evolution i.e., story-telling through imagery. Just be smart and creative to leverage the new normal for your brand.


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