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Python Programming training: How it will boost your career 

iCrowdNewswire   Jul 28, 2020  2:07 AM ET

Python is an open-source and general-purpose programming language and always tops the demand chart every year. There are many reasons why Python continues to be a preferred choice among developers. Python is used in various domains such as web development, application development, game development, data science, system administration, information security, machine learning, image processing, and multimedia. Python supports different programming approaches like structured programming, object-oriented programming, aspect-oriented programming, and functional programming.  

The lucrative features of Python make it extremely popular and high in demand not only among developers but also among recruiters. It is very easy to learn and is beginner friendly. This has allowed many people who were reluctant about coding, to get interested in programming. Also, it covers a lot of aspects leading to varied and challenging job opportunities. Its compatibility with data science is another important factor. Many tech giant companies like Microsoft, Google, Netflix, and Amazon have adopted Python. Python is also the answer to machine learning issues. You can easily integrate Python with any data source. It offers so many frameworks, libraries, and connectors that make it very versatile and flexible. It is also compatible with almost all the popular platforms including Microsoft, macOS, Raspberry Pi, and Linux. 

Here, we list down some key features of Python:

 Applications of Python:  

We have discussed just a few benefits of Python. It is very versatile and offers several benefits. If you are looking to kickstart your career in the IT or software domain, you can start with Python. The ease of learning will help you build interest. Also, if you want to enter the most upcoming and recent career profile like data science and Artificial Intelligence, Python can be your first step. Even hardware designers and semiconductor industries prefer candidates who are skilled in Python. If you are a working professional and seeking to upgrade into a more challenging role or just for growth in your career graph, you can begin with learning Python. Certification in Python is offered by a lot of organizations and institutes. It helps you get recognition and stand out among your colleagues. Certification offers a lot of benefits. Here, we have listed down some of these benefits: 


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