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Jul 20, 2020 2:00 AM ET

Exclusive: I will still wear Red and Gold in future, says Ajit Isaac

Exclusive: I will still wear Red and Gold in future, says Ajit Isaac

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 20, 2020

Sabyasachi Bagchi: Bangalore based Quess Corp on Friday finally released their NOCs and transferred the sporting rights back to East Bengal club, eventually bringing an end to the drama which has been going on between both parties ever since Quess parted ways on May 31. Mr Ajit Isaac, the chairman of Quess was held responsible for delaying the process of termination between East Bengal and his company. But the man himself is unperturbed. In an exclusive chat with this correspondent, Mr Isaac still maintained that it was the interference by the club officials which had soured the relationship towards the end. According to Ajit Isaac, ‘The first year was an outstanding one as we finished just one point short of winning the I League. The team played very well together. It was a fighting unit as the team more than once came back from a losing position. I think the loyal supporters were rewarded with a winning combination next season. If we continued that spirit of winning we could have build a solid sporting club over the time. But I think our inability to play in the ISL and the need to separate administrative and sporting responsibility with the club had been an issue. I think the time now is to look forward for the club. We think they have got a good future ahead as they learnt the nuances of running a professional set up.”

On being asked what will be his message to the hundreds of loyal East Bengal supporters who held him responsible for the delay in transferring the sporting rights and other formalities, Mr Isaac said, ‘East Bengal has the most loyal supporters of any football club in the world. They are motivated, emotional and most committed. The biggest asset of the club is the support base.”

He added, “What they (fans) deserve is a good sporting structure which should function independently.”

Mr Isaac did point his fingers at the club officials.

According to Isaac, “The club needs to hire a good coach and sports director without interfering into their work. They will get the reward. That is what they have to do for the future. All I want to say is don’t interfere with the sporting activities of the club.”

“I want to see them (East Bengal) win more matches. I will wear Red and Gold for the future with them. I want them to know that they have a big support base in Bangalore,” signed off Ajit Isaac.

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