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Jul 14, 2020 7:02 PM ET

Google permits European users to see Play Store apps from other markets

Google permits European users to see Play Store apps from other markets

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 14, 2020

The apps will be visible to users in European countries on Play Store accessed through the mobile browser.

Google Play Store features

Google has taken an interesting decision this week. The search giant is allowing users in Europe to see apps that are available in other countries. With this move, people don’t have to rely on VPN or other services to unlock apps that are restricted in their location. Also Read – Google for India: Internet giant to invest $10 billion in India to expand its presence

According to report by XDA Developers, the support is available for those accessing Google Play Store via the mobile browser. Because of this new decision, people in Europe can see the books, movies and apps available outside of their region. However, Google has restricted their ability, allowing them to just see the app. They still can’t download the apps or any content not available in their market. Also Read – Google teases launch of new Nest smart speaker on July 13

To try this, head over to Google Play Store from mobile browser, Log out from your account, change the country settings. Now you will notice that apps and content from other regions are listed on the screen. To make this work, you need to select countries from Europe, which includes UK for now. While the feature has rolled out, Google hasn’t shared any details about this development publicly. It’s worth noting that data regulation policies in Europe have forced Google to pay hefty fines for various violations. So this could be Google’s way of showing their trust factor to the European Union. Also Read – 11 apps with Joker malware deleted from Google Play Store: Here’s what you should do

Google to invest billions in India

The company announced it plans to invest $10 billion in the Indian market. This investment sum amounts to about Rs 75,000 Crore at the time of writing. The amount will likely change depending on the exchange rate.

It will invest this amount as part of the new “Google for India Digitization Fund”. Beyond this, the announcement also noted that the company will make the investment in the next five to seven years.

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