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Jul 1, 2020 4:34 AM ET

Fortnite Flare Gun’s Hidden Use

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 1, 2020

(Image Credit: @FN_Assist)
(Image Credit: @FN_Assist)


Fortnite Season 3’s most patch 13.20 is out and players can now make use of the Flare Gun, in addition to a number of other changes to the game. The Flare Gun has multiple different uses, however, and not everyone knows about all of them, so here’s a quick breakdown of how to use it to its fullest potential.

Fortnite Flare Gun Stat Breakdown

Before we get into too much detail let’s quickly go over the Fortnite Flare Gun’s stats. The Flare Gun is a unique pistol, it comes with six shots and can not have any more ammo. Each shot fired requires that players reload the gun, and reloads take 1.5 seconds to complete. Once all six shots are fired the Flare Gun is removed from the player’s inventory and has no further use. When fired, the Flare Gun hits for 60 damage in a small explosion, and then catches surrounding builds on fire to deal further burn damage.

The weapon has an intended use and a hidden use which can be read about below.

The Flare Gun’s Intended Use in Fortnite

Just reading the stats, the Flare Gun has an obvious intended place in Fortnite. It fills the niche as a weapon meant to pressure player buildings by hitting them for a reasonable amount of damage, followed by damage over time. By using the Flare Gun, Fortnite players can shoot the base of a tower while simultaneously building up and pressuring the tower’s peak in order to time a tower collapse mid fight. Additionally, the weapon has some smaller use as a cheeky way to pick off exposed players, although the low damage, long reload, and low ammo count discourage this behavior.

The Flare Gun’s Hidden Use in Fortnite

The weapon does have a second use, however, one that might even be more helpful than the damage it provides. If players fire the Flare Gun into the sky, the flare will burst and highlight the area beneath it. Any enemies within that area will then be outlined for the Flare Gun user and their team, making this a great way to keep track of enemies hiding within a location. If you’ve ever had to deal with players hiding within a web of buildings, this will allow you to easily identify their location and prepare an assault. This is a great way for players to prepare for an attack, as every piece of information they can gather before going in is useful for controlling the pace of combat.

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