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Fitness Expert and Avid Golfer Randall Hunt Describes Proven Ways Kids Can Benefit from Playing Golf

iCrowdNewswire   Jun 4, 2020  8:30 PM ET

Fitness expert and avid golfer Randall Hunt describes proven ways kids can benefit from playing golf.

TALLAHASSEE, FL / June 4, 2020 / Randall Hunt is a fitness expert, avid golfer, and inventor of the Golfinetics training program. He was voted a “Fan Favorite of Big Break 4” on the Golf Channel and has been praised around the globe for his Golfinetics training and recovery technique. Randall Hunt recently explained that children are one of the most under-reached demographics in the golf industry, yet they’re some of the citizens who can benefit most from playing.

“Golf just isn’t as popular of a youth sport as baseball or soccer, but it offers just as many, if not more, benefits to children,” Randall Hunt said.

Randall Hunt described how golf is a low-intensity workout that is ideal for small bodies. He explained that children can walk a 9-hole course, carrying a small bag, and receive more outdoor time and exercise than when practicing other sports. They build muscle and spend more time away from smartphones and the TV rather than playing a quick 30-minute game of soccer. Of course, Randall Hunt explained that one sport isn’t better than the other, and he recommends children try all sports to see which they enjoy most.

“Golf is actually a sport than can encourage kids to take part in other athletic activities,” Randall Hunt said. “It helps build the core strength, balance, and other skills they need to perform well in other sports.”

Randall Hunt further described how other activities can benefit a child’s golf game too, keeping them active in more ways than one. He explained how, eventually, kids can add stretching, yoga, and strength training to their golf preparation. Similarly, jogging, swimming, and other aerobic training can take kids from enduring nine holes of golf to playing 18.

“Another major benefit of golf for children is that it’s not a contact sport,” Randall Hunt explained. “Contact sports put kids at risk of serious injuries, and many times, they should be avoided until an older age. Golf is a sport children can start at any age, and while injuries can occur, they’re not as likely as when playing a more aggressive contact sport.”

Randall Hunt described that kids also see a number of social benefits from playing golf. It’s a sport that can be played individually or on a team to suit kids with different social abilities and needs. Kids who play golf have the opportunity to understand the competition associated with individual and team play.

Finally, Randall Hunt explained how golf is a sport that brings friends and family together for fun and healthy exercise. It’s a sport kids can play with their friends as well as their parents, creating plenty of opportunities to bond on the course.

“Golf can be something you send your kids out to play with their friends, and it can be something you enjoy together as a family. That’s what makes it one of the world’s most beloved sports, and there’s no better time to start than as a child,” Randall Hunt finished.

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