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Patrick Swindale Opens Up About the Importance of Hobbies for Mental Health

iCrowdNewswire   May 6, 2020  6:00 PM ET

Lakewood, WA / At the age of 23, Patrick Swindale became the legal guardian of his adoptive brother. His brother is severely autistic, which can be a struggle for a parent or guardian of any age. Nonetheless, Patrick Swindale cared for his brother and knew that he could provide him with a loving, stable life. Patrick Swindale juggled this huge responsibility while also earning his degree. Nowadays, Patrick works as an engineer on a ferry while simultaneously caring for his younger brother.

According to Patrick, hobbies have played an important role in his busy lifestyle. It would be easy for someone in Patrick’s shoes to crack under the pressure, but he has managed to keep in peak physical and mental condition to this day. So, why does Patrick Swindale think hobbies are so important for mental health? Let’s find out:

5 Ways Patrick Swindale Uses Hobbies to Improve and Maintain Mental Health

Patrick Swindale isn’t just an expert on parenting an autistic child. He is also an expert on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and prioritizing his own mental health needs. Patrick Swindale had the following to say about the power of hobbies for mental health:


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