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Apr 28, 2020 6:46 PM ET

Powder Polyester Resins Market Sales Revenue to Substantially Surge in the Next Ten Years Owing to High Adoption Rate During COVID-19 Lockdown Period

iCrowd Newswire - Apr 28, 2020

powder polyester resin market


The global paints & coatings industry continues to face regulatory restrictions due to VOC emissions. This accelerates the mass shift of manufacturers and end users towards powder coatings, thereby indicating a strong growth outlook for the powder polyester resin market in the near future. Given the compatibility of powder polyester resins in numerous hybrid applications as well as in the production of pure polyester powder coatings, the market registered revenues in excess of US$ 2 Billion in 2018. During 2019 – 2029, the global powder polyester resin market value is set to expand at a healthy CAGR.


Key Takeaways – Powder Polyester Resins Study


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The average capacity utilization rate has remained relatively low in the powder polyester resins marketplace, as recently manufacturers have been aggressively engaging into capacity enhancements through expansions or acquisitions. This stems from the optimistic stance of the market participants about the future potential of the powder polyester resins market.


Who Is Winning?

The new PMR research report on the powder polyester resins market focusses on key market players, which account for a significant share in the market. The powder polyester resins market study also encompasses a global as well as regional market structure analysis.


Companies covered in Powder Polyester Resins Market Report


Powder Polyester Resins in Limelight

As powder polyester resins are the most widely adopted resin types in the powder coatings marketplace, these are used in the formulation of pure polyester powder coatings (TGIC and TGIC-free), polyurethanes, and in hybrid formulations such as polyester-epoxy hybrids, among others. As the market for powder coating widens, the global powder polyester resins market is also expected to witness an upsurge.


Know More about the Report

Market research report on the global powder polyester resins market published by Persistence Market Research, brings about a salient analysis of the market, offering all-inclusive information such as historical consumption data for 2014 – 2018 and forecast statistics for 2019 – 2029. The research also includes emerging country analysis pointing out the countries to look out for most lucrative growth. Apart from that, the production-consumption analysis by region, regulatory framework, and patent analysis is also presented in the powder polyester resins market study.


The research offers insightful aspects on the global powder polyester resins market based on various categories – coating type (TGIC Coating Systems, TGIC-free Coating Systems); product type (Hydroxyl Terminated, Carboxyl Terminated); application (Indoor, Outdoor); and end-use industry (Residential Buildings, Commercial buildings, Industrial) across six major regions.


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