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Fort Lauderdale residents are more likely to experience domestic violence while forced to stay at home

Fort Lauderdale resi

iCrowdNewswire   Apr 6, 2020  5:00 PM ET

The coronavirus outbreak created a whole array of problems that did not necessarily have to do with contracting the virus itself. One of the first things that started to happen when people were ordered to stay at home was an increase in domestic violence incidents.


Staying safe at home may not be possible for those in an abusive relationship

Local news for the Fort Lauderdale and Miami areas published a story reminding local residents that domestic violence resources are still available, and professionals who work in this area are anticipating a number of new cases.

The Targeted Services Bureau Chief for the metro area said that she is still seeing a steady number of cases coming in, despite the national lockdown for coronavirus mitigation. She also reiterated that the services which would be available during any other time for victims remain active and unchanged during the pandemic.

The local state attorney stressed that people do not need to remain in abusive situations regardless of other national crises that may be going on at the same time. Professionals are committed to making sure that no local residents feel trapped. She also highlighted the effects of domestic violence on children, and said there is no reason why they should have to grow up in such environments. There is still room in local community shelters for those who need relocation services, and those who work in the program want battered women to know that everything they normally provide is still functional.

The local courts are also still processing injunctions for protective orders and restraining orders as necessary. Local police officers added that they are still responding to calls as normal. Their powers to investigate crime, make arrests, and take offenders into custody remain unchanged. However, reporting the abuse and starting the process is still crucial.


Dealing with the legal process of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious crime. These issues often emerge in troubled relationships at the most stressful times, and they can also create overlapping  family law problems such as child custody disputes when a couple needs to separate.

Offenders are punished through a separate court system that is slightly different from the standard criminal justice system, and the burden of proof is adjusted to assist victims. Because of the gravity of the situation when someone ends up in domestic violence court, it is best to contact a lawyer who dedicates their practice to these issues immediately.


Local attorneys can assist you with domestic violence issues

There are lawyers in Fort Lauderdale and nearby parts of south Florida who assist people charged with domestic violence on a regular basis. Michael D. Weinstein PA is available to serve local clients with superior representation.

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