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Mar 25, 2020 11:45 AM ET

Snack Pack : Hard enamel pins Cute enamel pins based of cats and food

Snack Pack : Hard enamel pins Cute enamel pins based of cats and food

iCrowd Newswire - Mar 25, 2020



Hi everyone! My name is Marie / TheKittenBomb and I love drawing cute cat things! This project is for my weird and cute snack pack friends! 

We have Borger, Donutz, Melty,  and Weiner!

Some precious food friends that want to live their lives to the fullest…in yo tums! <3

The initial goal will be for the first 2 pins; Borger and Donutz at $500CAD 

  •  Melty at $650CAD 
  •  Weiner at $800CAD

All 4 pin pledges will be receiving a FREE Snack Pack embroidered key-chain! 



  • hard enamel,
  • 1.5 inch 
  • Gold plated
  • Screen printed details
  • 2 rubber clutches
  • back stamp
  • backing card
Borger – Initial Goal of $500CAD
Donutz – Initial Goal of $500CAD
Melty – $650CAD Goal ( w/ glitter on the cone paper)
Weiner – $800CAD Goal


  • 3 x 13 cm 
  • D-ring attachment
  • Embroidery details
  • Double sided


60% of the cost goes to production – getting the pins made.

20% goes towards shipping

10% goes to Kickstarter/Processing Fees

10% Packaging

Previous Pins and Keychains


Check out my Instagram for other pins and keychains

Risks and challenges

The two main challenges with this project could be hitting the goal in time, and having defects in the pins, which would cause a delay in receiving the pins due to them having to be remade. We will work hard to promote the project and share it with many in order to make sure it reaches a large audience.

Contact Information:

Marie Herrig

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