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Mar 20, 2020 3:00 PM ET

27 Injured After School Bus Crashes in East Kansas

iCrowd Newswire - Mar 20, 2020

What started as an exciting school field trip on February 12th, 2020 quickly turned into a major mishap. 5th graders of Park Elementary school were going to Topeka from Wichita in East Kansas when the bus driver lost control. The bus ended up on its side after sliding off the road.

Weather Conditions a Contributing Factor

The accident took place in Lyon County, 15 miles southwest of the Emporia Toll Gate. The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office reported that moderate snow was falling when the bus overturned onto its side on the Kansas Turnpike.

The Lyon County Emergency Communications got a call at 9:41 am from Kansas Turnpike Authority about the accident. Deputies were on the scene by 9:59 am and EMS personnel arrived by 10:05 am.

27 Students Injured in the Crash

The school bus initially resulted in 17 injured students that were taken to Newman Regional Health for treatment. The rest were taken to Emporia High School where a response team comprising of school counselors, school officials, and nurses from CrossWinds Counseling & Wellness were ready to assist.

However, soon 9 more patients were identified that were taken to Newman Regional Health by Emporia Fire Department for further evaluation and treatment.

Parents Kept in the Dark

A lot of parents were not told about the accident and injuries until very late. Julio Cato’s son was among the injured. Cato told news agencies that he felt like he was purposely kept in the dark about the accident. He came to know that something happened to his son only when the accident was covered on the news.

Cato explained that he called the teacher leading the field trip the previous night expressing his concerns about the bad weather. The teacher told that the field trip was to go as planned.

School Bus Crashes are Difficult Lawsuits

School buses are a necessary transportation for thousands of children. Yet, there are over 17,000 children every year on average that visit emergency room after a school bus crash in the United States. Circumstances of a lawsuit can become complex when children are hurt by a school bus, regardless of whether they were struck by the bus or were riding the bus. It is important to have a strong school bus accident attorney on your side.

Bus Crash Results in Horrendous Injuries

School bus accidents can be caused by several factors including driver negligence and/or dangerous roadways. The large size of a school bus can cause devastating injuries in children, such as fractured bones, head injuries, internal injuries, or amputations. Parents may need the assistance of a school bus accident lawyer to hold careless drivers accountable.

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