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Baton Rouge train hit a car that was crossing an intersection

Baton Rouge train hi

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 9, 2020  5:00 PM ET

Areas where highways and railroad crossings intersect are dangerous because there is a significant chance that a car and a train will collide. High volumes of traffic may increase this possibility at certain times of day. 


A train accident in West Baton Rouge Parish injured at least one person and damaged their car.


Train hits the side of a car near Highway 190

Local police received a call at about 8pm to respond to the area where U.S. Highway 190 and Louisiana Route 1 meet. The train had collided with the passenger side door of a car that was on the tracks. Photos from the scene showed pieces of the train lying around the ground, along with damage to the entire right side of the car. A victim was found with minor injuries and treated by personnel at the scene. It was not immediately known if anyone else was hurt.

Emergency crews were still in the process of cleaning up the area when the news report was published. The identity of the victim was not released.


Civil lawsuits against people or businesses that cause harm

Although this news report did not specifically say whether any citations would be issued or if anyone would receive criminal charges related to this event, the way injured victims are compensated financially is through the civil courts. Personal injury lawsuits are the primary way that attorneys make sure their clients are paid for any problems that they must endure because of an accident. These cases will generate larger amounts than insurance claims in many situations. 


Determining who is responsible for losses

When a person who is involved in an accident contacts the police and their insurance company, the law enforcement officers on the scene will generate a report that gives some basic details related to the accident and an opinion regarding fault. This can be a crucial piece of evidence for both the courts and the insurance process.

It is important to keep in mind that regardless of the contents in an accident report and any other documentation, a lawyer still needs to advocate on their client’s behalf. This includes making an argument to hold the defendant responsible and get the largest damage award possible for their client. These damages may be related to medical treatment and hospital costs, missed time from work, and other costs that can be traced to the collision. As a general rule, when the victim’s injuries are more severe, these amounts will usually increase. 


Getting legal advice after an injury

If you have been hurt in an accident anywhere in the Baton Rouge area or surrounding parts of Louisiana, there is help available from experienced attorneys. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf can speak with you about the possibility of a lawsuit and the value of your case.

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