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Mar 2, 2020 10:00 PM ET

Houma police narcotics division supervisor was caught stealing thousands of dollars. What will happen to him for engaging in such misconduct?

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iCrowd Newswire - Mar 2, 2020

Corrupt police officers often abuse law enforcement resources and make the situation even worse by falsifying public records to justify their actions. When this happens they will be charged criminally if they are caught, but anyone who is specifically victimized by these acts can also file a lawsuit against the department.

The Houma Police are investigating an officer who stole several thousand dollars in the months before he retired.


Retired officer stole thousands before leaving the department and destroys the paper trail

Early reports from the State Police officials in charge of the investigation say that the officer may have forged records to cover up his actions. They believe approximately $6,500 in department funds went missing and he is the one responsible. Much of what was stolen was from a general department expense account.

Local prosecutors are currently in the process of charging the 46 year old male suspect with multiple counts of injuring public records, forgery, malfeasance in office, and theft of an amount between $5,000 and $25,000. The Houma chief commented that the officer had just retired a few months earlier after 23 years of service to the community. He was the head of the local narcotics division in Houma for a number of years. The chief also said that the situation was “shocking,” but did not want to comment further until the investigation was completed.

The suspect was arrested and is now in a local prison in Terrebonne Parish being held on a bond of $20,000.


Police misconduct and the possibility of lawsuits

One of the ways police engage in misconduct is by forging official documents to make false arrests, steal money, destroy evidence, and other forms of damaging behavior. In some situations, multiple officers may be involved as part of a larger coverup operation and the state government needs to get involved. When people are victimized by these actions, it is important to get legal help and learn about the possibility of a claim against the officers responsible.

Any officers engaged in these kinds of behaviors will face criminal charges, civil lawsuits, or both at the conclusion of an investigation. In situations like the news story above, the money comes from public tax dollars, and it is illegal to take or spend any of this money in unauthorized ways. Even if the state does proceed with criminal charges, anyone who is falsely arrested, accused, or imprisoned due to illegal police action has grounds for a separate civil case against the officers. 


Get help from a local attorney

Many victims of police misconduct and brutality seek out legal help each year. Brad Doyle is available to help local clients in the Houma area and nearby parts of Louisiana.

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