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Marietta Georgia bus driver is hit by an SUV illegally using a turning lane. How does violation of this traffic law affect a civil lawsuit?

Marietta Georgia bus

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 27, 20201:00 PM ET

Some drivers cause accidents while they are in violation of a traffic law. This may include things like speeding or going through a stop sign. This situation can be beneficial to a plaintiff if they decide to file a lawsuit against the driver at fault.


An accident in Marietta, Georgia involved a school bus and an SUV improperly using a left turn lane.


SUV driver goes straight into the side of a bus

The Marietta Police responded to the area of Oregon Trail and Powder Springs Road at around 3:30pm on a Thursday afternoon. Other drivers in the area claim that a woman driving an SUV was using a center lane that was for left turns only to drive southbound on Power Springs. The bus driver, who worked for the local school district, said that only one student remained onboard as they travelled in the opposite direction on the same road. The bus entered this same center turning lane to make a left onto Hickory Drive when she saw the SUV coming straight at her vehicle. The SUV appeared to not slow down at all. The bus driver started to move to the right to avoid the crash, but the SUV collided with the side of the bus and caused it to roll onto its side.

The child who was on the bus was checked by medical personnel at the scene, but was not injured. The other drivers sustained non-life threatening injuries. Aerial footage showed a tow truck responding to the scene to pull the bus away. 


Why would a lawsuit against another driver be necessary?

While insurance claims can help pay for things like vehicle repairs, it is important to talk with a lawyer about any kind of serious damage or medical problems related to the accident. There are usually limits on how much an insurance policy will pay out, and all kinds of losses or damage related to the accident may not always be covered under a specific policy.


Traffic violations and civil negligence cases

This article did not comment on whether the SUV driver was cited by police after the accident for improperly using a turning lane. If she was, this traffic citation would be evidence of negligence that is helpful to the plaintiff. Violations of a relevant traffic law do not conclusively prove fault in a negligence action, however they can be used as evidence of negligence. In these situations, it is much more difficult to explain improper driving if someone was in clear violation of traffic regulations.


Get immediate assistance after a motor vehicle accident

Lawyers who focus on accident cases can help you with filing a lawsuit and taking legal action against the driver at fault. Professionals at Imbriale Injury Law are available to speak with you.

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