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Chicago train crossing becomes the scene of a fatal accident. What should a victim do when multiple vehicles are involved in a collision?

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iCrowdNewswire   Feb 17, 2020  10:00 PM ET

There are some situations where fault in an accident may be divided between the drivers several different kinds of vehicles.

A 19 year old male pedestrian was killed in an accident that also involved a train and a car in the Scottsdale neighborhood of Chicago.


Young man is killed and car is destroyed at a dangerous train crossing

The intersection where all of this took place is located at 87th Street and Pulaski Road. Around 7:30pm the night of the crash, a Southwest Service Train hit a car that was crossing the tracks, then the wreck was pushed into the pedestrian. Three occupants of the car were injured, and the pedestrian was pronounced dead at a local hospital early the next morning. The young man who died was from the town of Homewood.

A video of the moments before the collision showed the crossing gate for the intersection land right on the trunk of the car. The driver appeared to try to reverse the vehicle, then go forward to get out of the area of the tracks. The business that owns the train released a statement that they will investigate the incident. They said that the warning lights on the gate were functioning normally and the train operator did sound the horn as it approached the intersection.

The area has been labelled an extremely dangerous crossing, and lawsuits related to this accident and the victim’s death will emphasize that point. An attorney who represents the victim’s family claims that he specifically installed a surveillance camera at the intersection because he knows it was designed improperly. He called it a “no man’s land” that is very dangerous to navigate.


Accidents that involve multiple parties and various kinds of vehicles

It can be difficult to determine exactly who is at fault in a personal injury lawsuit when multiple vehicles and pedestrians are involved. However, attorneys who handle these kinds of accident cases know how to get the best possible result for their client, even if several other parties were involved. There may be some combination of trucks, cars, buses, or trains damaged at the scene. It is possible to attach all of them as defendants in a civil lawsuit.

When someone dies, there is a wrongful death law in Illinois that allows their family members to bring a case on their behalf. They can receive payment for things like a funeral and lost wages.


How to get help after an accident

To explore the possibility of filing a lawsuit against a driver, train operator, or anyone else who caused an accident, contact Budin Law Offices. You can speak with an attorney who serves the Chicago area and has a license to practice in Illinois.

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