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Feb 14, 2020 2:30 PM ET

Wuhan coronavirus will only knock $100m off sales, says Nvidia. Now get a load of our AI-driven data-center numbers

iCrowd Newswire - Feb 14, 2020

The past twelve months have not been good for GPU giant

Nvidia GeForce

Nvidia talked up its data center AI sales and strong just-past quarter to keep everyone’s eyes distracted from an otherwise lukewarm financial year.

The graphics-math accelerator slinger on Thursday said for its fourth quarter of fiscal 2020, ended January 26 (yes, we double-checked this, Nvidia’s fiscal 2020 ends in January):

“Adoption of Nvidia accelerated computing drove excellent results, with record data center revenue,” said CEO Jensen Huang. “Our initiatives are achieving great success.”

The full year was less impressive, thanks to poor first and second quarters.

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