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Jan 22, 2020 9:30 AM ET

Introducing Dhoby – Dry-cleaning made easy Dhoby aims to take the hassle away from what is normally a cumbersome task – going to the dry cleaner’s

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 22, 2020


Dhoby, founded in November 2019, aims to take the hassle away from what is normally a cumbersome task – going to the dry cleaner’s. We are currently a team of 6, and the app has launched for iOS today in testing capacity. Android users will be pleased to know that we are in the final stages of going live. 

We aim to provide a solution for a major inconvenience for anyone that needs their important washing taken care of – going to the dry-cleaners! We want to help you save your time. Join us in disrupting the dry-cleaning industry – this is a journey we’d love to share with you.

Sign-up and choose from a list of dry-cleaners near you, and you’re good to go. One of our drivers will pick up your order and drop it off at your business of choice. Once complete, your order will be brought right back to your doorstep, nice and clean. 

Where we are currently:

  • iOS app is live, with Android going live in a few hours (both in testing capacity as we ramp up sustainably)
  • Lawyers are drafting up terms and conditions for end users, with this set to complete on 23/01/20
  • Once the aforementioned is complete, we will start pitching our service to dry-cleaning businesses, with the aim of getting at least 2 dry-cleaning businesses on board in each suburb (out of a list of 20 suburbs we’re using as a pilot starting in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia) 
  • Once the above is done, we will approach companies to propose an employee benefits scheme using our service
  • With the above 2 points in motion, we also plan on marketing to working class professionals AND drivers to come on board and join us on our journey

Our budget: 

  • $25000 AUD of the funds raised will be invested in marketing and promotions, with a focus on Facebook and Linkedin ads
  • $10000 AUD of the funds raised will be invested in tweaks and optimisation of our app
  • $5000 AUD of the funds raised will be invested in comprehensive business insurance, and this will be sufficient until we become profitable and increase our insurance cover
  • $10000 AUD of the funds raised will be invested in ensuring that we can scale at a speed that justifies the above spending – better servers, better support when customers and businesses need it, better suites that maximize our efficiency

Risks and challenges

Risks and Challenges and how we plan to overcome them. 1) Customers aren’t satisfied with delivery times (too long for a driver to pick up an order) We expect this will be the case soon after launch. With that said – as the app picks up in popularity, so will the number of drivers wanting to work with us. At the start, we will set the expectation for customers via in-app notifications that delivery may take slightly longer while we grow. We will be transparent with our customers and advise them that we are campaigning to have more drivers on board to mitigate wait times. 2) Orders are missing/damaged We have done all we can to mitigate this risk from happening. Upon sign-up, we require drivers to store a photograph of their driver’s license on our app as a safety net for customers. If there are any issues, we can then discuss the situation with the driver with ease. When a driver picks up an order, they must confirm that the number of items matches exactly what the customer has ordered. This also happens when a business picks up a delivered order, to ensure a seamless transition. If a driver/dry-cleaning business has been flagged with a missing/damaged items report more than twice in a 6 month period, they will be investigated and if found complacent when doing their duties, they will be disqualified from participating further. 3) This won’t take off as dry-cleaners can be quite traditional. We will advise such businesses that we are going to stay true to tradition, but we’re going to be doing it in a slightly different way. All you need is a mobile phone, nothing else. This will introduce new customers to you in an age where almost everything can be picked up and delivered with ease. Stay relevant, and let us be the bridge to relevance. 4) What if I’m not home when my dry-cleaned items are being dropped off? The same as any parcel delivery, we will leave it at your delivery address. If you’d like, we can leave it with a trusted neighbor instead – just leave us a note when you place your order.

Contact Information:

Hasan Kazmi

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