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Jan 22, 2020 8:30 AM ET

Inter-Dimensional Layer Cake: Make 100 A surreal, sequential narrative wall scroll that harnesses Augmented reality to reveal stories not visible to the naked eye

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 22, 2020


Inter-dimensional Layer Cake is a surreal and subconscious abstract comics experience from the mind of acclaimed graphic novelist; Sean Karemaker.  This piece implements new augmented reality technology to bring layers of 3 dimensional depth as well as hidden content not visible to the naked eye.

Using a method of automatic visual writing Karemaker interprets the culture and events around him in a surreal style of memories or dreams. 

Inter-dimensional Layer Cake is an art print but it is also a layered surreal story.  it is open for interpretation and also full of direct emotional contact, humor and fun.

Other Rewards Included in this Campaign

 Feast of Fields By Sean Karemaker

140 pages, 7×10.5 inches, b/w, paperback

‘Feast of Fields’ is a reference to the picnics Karemaker took with his mother in the upper fields of his elementary school. It is a graphic biography of the artist’s mother who grew up in Denmark in an orphanage because her mother suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, and her father had left her and her siblings behind. She went on to raise her brothers from the age of seven. The story weaves between her story in the past and the present of the 1990s in British Columbia.

The Ghost We Know By Sean Karemaker

160 pages, 6.5×8 inches, b/w and color, paperback 

In his debut book Sean Karemaker presents stories of his wild BC country childhood contrasted with his downtown Vancouver bus riding adventures. In between are stories of small town parties, drawing in cafés, school misfits, scrolls, street people of all kinds, and winding through it all are the ghosts, both known and unknown.

 A black and white version of the wall scroll, printed on 8″ X 28″  bond paper 13 lbs.

This image will retain all of the same Augmented reality functionality as the main tier. 

 About the technology:

Google AR Core uses three key capabilities to integrate virtual content with the real world as seen through your phone’s camera: Motion tracking allows the phone to understand and track its position relative to the world. … Light estimation allows the phone to estimate the environment’s current lighting conditions. this will be used to develop the app.

The 3D conversion will be done in a combination of Maya and Unity.

Each Purchase will include a link to a small app download that will will allow the viewer to see a 3D version of ‘Inter-Dimensional Layer Cake’ with text and image overlays not visible to the naked eye. This will be sent out by email when all of the items are shipped

Risks and challenges

Most of the hard work is complete, I am exploring the implementation of easy to use Augmented Reality. This technical implementation is the biggest risk but i feel confident that it wont be a problem

Contact Information:

Sean Karemaker

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