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Jan 14, 2020 10:55 AM ET

Realistic Laocoon,Risen Christ,Apollo Replica We came back! We put all our effort into creating beautiful and realistic statues for you. Create your own home gallery

Realistic Laocoon,Risen Christ,Apollo Replica We came back! We put all our effort into creating beautiful and realistic statues for you. Create your own home gallery

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 14, 2020


Original Laocoon

It became one of the most famous Greek sculptures after it was excavated in 1506 and made public in the Vatican. It’s not clear when and who made it. After the sculpture was first excavated, Laocoon’s right arm was restored in a straight line. When it was excavated later, the arm was found out to be bent. There is a lot of material on the straight arm, but we couldn’t find a lot of materials with a bent arm. Therefore this sculpture was created with a straight arm. There are many lost or damaged parts other than the arms but we tried my best to restore the original statue as much as possible while maintaining its beauty.

Laocoon Recreated by 3D Sculpt
Laocoon Recreated by 3D Sculpt
Laocoon Recreated by 3D Sculpt
Laocoon Recreated by 3D Sculpt

 After that, we use a 3D printer to create prototypes. 

3D Printed Prototype
3D Printed Prototype
3D Printed Prototype

 : What will the finished piece look like? 

⦁ Material: Cast Marble ( cast marble products are made of 80% crushed marble mixed with 20% polyester resin. This mixture is chemically hardened and then cast into molds, which are unique to Mincey Marble. This material beautifully locks in every detail, while adding durability and a nice weight.)

⦁ Dimension: 11.8 inches (30 cm ) tall

⦁ Recreated, Designed and Sculpted by LOARTZ 

The finished look can be inferred from looking at other statues that LOARTZ is producing and selling. Click the image below and check. 


 LOARTZ began by launching the first KICKSTARTER, and have since then made beautiful statues that everyone in the world can own, and will continue to fulfill that goal.

During the last two projects, We launched designs of our own, but this time, We created beautiful statues by restoring statues made by great sculptors of the past, restoring damaged parts only to the extent that we keep the original sense of the statue. And this time I plan to proceed with not one, but three statue projects at once. 

 : How did it all begin? 

These statues are famous, beautiful works that we all know too well. But these are only exhibited in a few European cities, so people who don’t live nearby can only see them through photographs or have to travel far to see them. Also, there aren’t many good-quality statues and most of the ones on the market look different from the actual statues. 

Statues being sold in the market

This project began by wondering whether it would be possible to appreciate realistic, high-quality statue at home without visiting exhibited locations.

 : What kinds of statues are made? 

This project began right after the last KICKSTARTER project ended, and the three statues created for the past year are as follows.  

Laocoon, Apollo Belvedere and Risen Christ by Michelangelo.

We start are starting the campaign for Laocoon first.

Statues waiting for your supports!

  Once we reach our goal, we will be able to unlock stretch goals. We need your support to make them live ⭐ 

 : Production Process 

3D Sculpting/Modeling

First of all, we decide which statue we want to make and collect all the materials we can find. Then, 3D Artist Lo who has been producing computer graphics for Hollywood movies for the last ten years uses computer sculpting software or digital sculpting to carve details, just like creating computer graphic characters used in movies.

LOARTZ vs Statues in the market

As you can see from the statues, it’s different from the ones you can buy. We can’t find a statue that can follow our statue in detail or realism. Although it can be expensive compared to other statues, it is because the process and technology of creating the statues require that much unit cost.

After that, we use a 3D printer to create prototypes.

After prototypes are printed, manually mold and cast them, which we asked the world’s top experts who have been doing this professionally for years. Not only our statues but also the world’s most famous 3D printing/statues are made in their hands. These hand-made statues are hand-crafted and packaged after finishing and quality control, and are finally ready for delivery.

 : Advantages of Using a Computer to Make Statues 

  If the statues are hand-crafted, there certainly will be much effort put into the work. However, the production speed will be too slow, the quality of the production will not be constant, and the outcome will be too expensive. Also, I tried to restore the damaged parts of the statue to the extent that they maintained the original feel, not just copying the original statue itself.

 On the other hand, if I use digital sculpting and 3D printing techniques, I could carve out every detail of the statue easily with the number of details I want to produce. This means that every people who purchase the statue will receive a statue with optimum quality. If I were making only one statue, then it would be meaningful to create it with my hand. 

LOARTZ is the best way to produce the best statue with a size to be placed at home. In the future, the customers will also be able to purchase custom-made statues depending on their needs, from small pendant size to a house size statue.

: Shipping

Our manufacturing partner located in Hong-Kong will ship out all statues internationally by FedEx.

 : TimeLine 

2020.1 – KICKSTARTER Launching

2020.2 – Manufacturing

2020.4 – shipping!

 : Wait! Are you new to Kickstarter?  Here are some tips! 

Pledging actively helps unlock statues! Just because a stretch goal is locked doesn’t mean you can’t pledge for it! Be sure to pledge for ALL statues you want, regardless of its unlock status. This will ensure that the stretch goals DO get unlocked and you get the statues you want!

Why do we suggest this? Because pledging is absolutely RISK-FREE! While the campaign is active, you can always increase/decrease or even cancel your pledge. You will only be charged when the Kickstarter campaign is funded. If we don’t reach this base goal by the end of the campaign date, you will not be charged. 

Please note: you cannot change your pledge amount or add items after the campaign ends. Please pledge for all the statues you may want during the funding period to get the special Kickstarter pricing. If at any point you want to change your pledge amount, click Manage your Pledge (located at the top of the campaign page or by clicking your current reward tier) >> Change Your Pledge >> Select new reward tier.

Risks and challenges

LOARTZ makes high-quality statues previously unavailable using the latest technology, and this work requires a lot of time and the skilled work of an artisan. Still, LOARTZ chose to make one right statue, rather than making several low-quality, cheap pieces. We have successfully finished the last two KICKSTARTER campaigns and already operate an online store, so you can trust and help us. Like we always did help us present you with the best-quality statues. Your help drives us to make even more beautiful statues. Thank you.

Contact Information:

E Lo at loartz

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