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Jan 14, 2020 11:15 AM ET

Kitsune Cutlery - Japanese VG-10 Damascus Steel Knives Affordability, Craftsmanship, and Beauty Collide

Kitsune Cutlery - Japanese VG-10 Damascus Steel Knives Affordability, Craftsmanship, and Beauty Collide

iCrowd Newswire - Jan 14, 2020


 Our Story

In search of a high quality, affordable and beautifully crafted knife, it seemed as if the hunt was endless. At Kitsune Cutlery, we wanted to make a knife to solve this problem. Our mission was to source the best steel, have the best craftsmanship all while being extremely affordable.

We wanted to make a knife that any master chef or home cook alike would be proud to use, so we created Kitsune Cutlery.

About the Knife

Steel: In our pursuit for the best quality material, we stumbled upon Japanese VG-10 Damascus steel. This steel, notorious for its hardness and ability to retain its edge is world renowned among knife makers. The steel is so prized in fact that it is made only by a single forge in the Fukui prefecture in Japan, the legendary Takefu Steel Company.  

Takefu Steel Company, Japan

Kitsune Chef Knife at work

Due to the exclusivity and quality of VG-10 Steel, there has inevitably been knock off and reproductions of real Japanese Takefu VG-10 Steel. Thousands of knives endorsing fake VG-10 Steel circulate the market to this day.

Here at Kitsune Cutlery, we have taken the utmost precaution and care to ensure that this does not happen to our consumers. We have partnered with a manufacturer known to carry real Takefu VG-10 Steel imported from Japan with the credentials to prove it. At Kitsune Cutlery, the standard is paramount, and we have gone to great lengths to ensure it is met with every knife.

Certification of Japanese VG-10 Steel

The beauty and storied forging process of the Kitsune Chef Knife is reflected in the unique and breathtaking wavy Damascus pattern that comes about naturally during the forging process.

Our Kitsune Chef Knife slicing through tomato – paper thin

Perfectly balanced weight made for easy chopping

Handle: Paying our respects to Japanese tradition, we have designed the handle in the traditional Japanese octagonal style, comprised of Black and Rose wood to compliment the beauty of the wavy Damascus pattern of the Kitsune Chef Knife.

Black and Rose wood Octagonal Handle

 Lacquer wood Box and Furoshiki wrap: In our inaugural year, we have launched a beautifully designed premium high gloss Lacquer wood box with a scenic view of Mount Fuji and Kitsune foxes overlooking the landscape. 

Our Beautifully crafted Premium Lacquer wood Gift Box

As a nod to Japanese tradition, with every knife comes a traditional Japanese Furoshiki wrap in one of six designs, each meticulously gift wrapped over our beautifully crafted boxes.

Furoshiki Wrap
Furoshiki Wraps Cont.


How we do it: By selling direct to consumer without the needless marketing and advertising, need for brick and mortar locations, and commission rates to salesmen, we are able to decrease costs significantly from competitors using the same material.


 Kitsune Cutlery: Our Promise

To every backer, consumer and follower of Kitsune Cutlery; It is our promise and principle to maintain our high standard with every knife that leaves our production facilities. We would like to take the time to say thank you for helping us realize the goal. On behalf of everyone here at Kitsune Cutlery, we’d like to wish you a big thank you!

Risks and challenges

Here at Kitsune Cutlery, we are confident in our ability to maintain and stay true to our set timeline and goals. However, there are scenarios where there can be unforeseen problems. Delays in Materials – As VG-10 Damascus Steel is only forged by a single factory in Japan, there can be some challenges in procuring the material in our factories. However, as we have partnered with reliable manufacturers and factories who have the steel in hand in case of high demand, this problem can be circumvented. Delays in Production- We have partnered with a manufacturer with over 20 years experience in forging knives and cutlery. However, this is not to say that delays in production can not occur. In the event that this happens, our backers and supporters will be the first to know. At every stage of the process, we will keep a close eye on the production process to ensure that everything meets our high standard. This is our promise to every backer.

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