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Dec 9, 2019 7:00 AM ET

Floriculture Market | 5.73% CAGR | Strategic Analysis | Industry Data | 2020-2026 | OGAnalysis

Floriculture Market | 5.73% CAGR | Strategic Analysis | Industry Data | 2020-2026 | OGAnalysis

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 9, 2019

Floriculture Market Size Forecast during 2020-2026

The involvement of staple floral countries in commercial floriculture drives the market growth at a CAGR of 5.73% during the forecast period 2020-2026. OG Analysis identifies regional floriculture market trends and strategies in focus across industry players to stay ahead of the competitive floriculture space.

Improved cold storage technologies and technological advancement result in effective supply chain management of flowers is set to drive market growth. Further, increase in waterways shipping of flowers, rising online flower sales, growth in the urban population positively drives the floriculture market growth.

The emergence of nonprofit organizations dedicated to advancing the floral industry through funds and research in for the benefit industry players and allied trade organizations boost the market growth opportunities. For instance, AFE sponsored over $17 million to industry projects to tackle floriculture market challenges and retain a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

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Furthermore, penetration of internet, e-commerce platforms for buying flowers, and use of Instagram as an effective marketing tool drive floriculture market growth. Accordingly, bedding plants through online retail to the public or to landscaping companies with increasing need for green roofs and green walls thrust the bedding plant market growth over the forecast period.

However, the uncertainty supply, regulatory restrictions on the use of pesticides, and the additional costs of perishable nature of flowers are the key factors challenging the market growth.

RFID emerges as a transformative technology market trend across the floriculture industry during the forecast period

RFID technology reduces the burden of high costs of air freight by allowing flowers to be transported using a cheaper mode of transport like seaways. Time-temperature indicators (TTI) and smart labels indicate time-temperature history and are useful for tracking the environment which preserves the flowers.

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Further, Radio-frequency identification (RFID) improves logistics and operation of the supply chain with potential to provide easy and fast-tracking of flowers, in particular when transported globally.

Regional Floriculture Market trends witnesses strong growth across Americas and Europe, followed by Asian countries

The countries importing and consuming the most floral products drive the market growth during 2020-2026. Followed by the United States, countries such a Germany, France, Switzerland, Great Britain and others are emerging as macro market share holders.

In addition, emergence of fresh flower market across the United States with strong exports from Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia and other shapes the floriculture market of Americas with recordable market value during the forecast.

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Further, increasing use of biotechnology for floriculture in emerged and emerging countries across to combat challenges of seasonal availability pushes key market participants to unkey technology floriculture market trends. For instance, Monsanto is working on anti-aging technology, a genetic technology that feeds plants/flowers through vase water.

In addition, regional market players are witnessed to explore growth opportunities by joint ventures, in 2018, The USA Bouquet Company (USA Bouquet) joined forces with the Dutch Flower Group Retail Division, DFG to strengthen their market position and emerge as global market leader in the supply of flowers, bouquets, and plants to retailers.

Apart from, strong consumer interest, the bold market move by industry players is observed across Europe which opens huge floriculture market growth opportunities in the medium to long term. Recently, the majority of flower sales in France were made through kiosks.

Further, market players in the horticulture space are joining international covenants for sustainable trade and production. Correspondingly, Dutch Flower Group collaborated between Kenya to use waterways for shipping of flowers to strengthen their positions.

Whereas, ceremonial usage of flowers, presence of floral schools, and advantages of climatic conditions boost market growth across Asian countries including China, India, Indonesia and Japan.

Floriculture market growth trends, by Applications during 2020-2026

Growth in urban residents largely consuming flowers for personal use along with rising of gifting culture drive the market growth. In addition, growing demand for flowers in weddings, interior decoration, commercial properties such as corporate offices, landscaping with flowers is preferred to boost aesthetics and productivity of floriculture space.

Hence, with increased use of flowers in conferences, other events and are used as customized products such as bouquets fuels the growth of the segment and drives market players. For instance, Interflora provides customized flower gifting service on Mother’s/Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings.

Also, the demand is increasing from public places and healthcare services for improving the environment for the patients.

Strategies, partnerships, and acquisitions are observed as emerging Floriculture Market trends across key players during the forecast term

Key floriculture market players are entering into strategic alliances to expand their market size and portfolio. For instance, in 2019, the EDD Group trading companies joined forces with Dutch Flower Group (DFG) to enable growth of its customer portfolio and expansion of services. In addition, recently Parfum Flower Company (PFC) entered into a strategic partnership with Dutch Flower Group (DFG) to work on further expanding its position in the market.

Further, investments in acquisitions across key market players are witnessed across market players. For instance, in 2019, Selecta one. acquired La Villetta s.r.l. and La Villetta Colombia Ltda. to strengthen its market worldwide.

Key players include Dutch Flower Group, Dümmen Orange, Selecta one, Beekenkamp Group, Kariki Group, Syngenta Flowers Inc., Oserian Development Company Limited, Carzan Flowers K Ltd., Multiflora Ltd., Dumman Orange, Karuturi Global Limited, Selecta Klemm Gmbh& Co. KG, Ruparelia Group, FTD Companies, and Karen Roses.

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