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Dec 9, 2019 1:08 AM ET

Concrete Details of Google Algorithm Update

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 9, 2019

The Web has a massive number of available information you can look at. And finding what you need on a website is a big problem without the help of sorting hundreds of billions of webpages in the search index of Google. To find the most useful results and most relevant topics in just a split second in a presentable manner that you will find what is the most that will help you. And to sort this crazy number of webpages, Google has to do ranking systems. This system is made up of a whole series of algorithms. Search algorithms look and analyze several factors such as words of your query, usability, the relevance of pages, expertise of the source, and your settings and location. This is the reason why we come up with concrete details of the Google Algorithm Update.

More about Google Algorithm

PageRank is a Google Search algorithm to rank web pages to their search engine results. This works by calculating quality and numbers of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of the importance of websites.

Each year Google makes changes to the algorithms to make sure that it will be fair enough to its web search results. This California-based company keeps the equality of its search results pages (SERPs) to both businesses and customers. When someone is looking for an article or quality blogs that will help him/her, they always find the most relevant from the topic they search in the engine. Like how businesses want their products and services to be in a high position in the search results for their prospective consumers. Google algorithm is updating more frequent since 2010.

How many Google Algorithm Updates does it have each year?

Google has 500-600 changes that roll out in its search algorithm each year. But many of these are minor, and the average of web users will not notice the difference that has taken place. Google is more conservative about the algorithm changes than significant updates. The Google search engines rely on a complex algorithm system that has a task to data from the search index to deliver the best result in a particular query. Different rankings and algorithm are combined by Google to order web pages to relevance to the SERPs. Google rolled out the number of major changes in recent years. The first major change rolled out in the year 2000; since then, there followed several other changes.

What to do about Major Google Algorithm Update?

Google does not share the exhaustive list of changes. You don’t have to panic, and instead, watch and observe. Sites do not have the same reaction in the Google algorithm update. The only pinch of info is leaked each time. Take time to understand the flow and to monitor the possible changes to your website. Websites that have full respect and genuinely follow the SEO guidelines has the most significant chance to be not affected. This is why you are advised to wait couple of days to see the impact of Google algorithm update on your sites. Aside from not freaking out, you should only rely on legit SEO references that you will follow or read. Some resources give inaccurate details and guidelines when there is a Google update that happens.

The SEO community is non-profit, and there are blogs and professionals that your following will be worth it. Google Algorithm update should have a process of checking your traffic and positions. Your organic traffic and positions should be analyzed, for this is the only way to see if you have been impacted. To identify drops, use your favorite analytics tracker tools. Apart from this, you should also analyze your website. Four pillars should cover your analyzation. These are the content, technical, off-page, UX, or user experience. By doing this, you can know if you have to consider other options and to work further on your action plan.

Why Track Google Algorithm Updates?

Your profession is about optimizing content and websites for the search engines. This is why it is essential to have a track of significant changes that could affect your SEO tactics and strategy. These are the possible aspect that can either help or damage by an algorithm update:

  1. Conversions
  2. Organic Search traffic
  3. Return on Investment
  4. Search Ranking and visibility
  5. Revenue

Some of the Google Algorithms are known to have legendary status and have a major impact on the history of SEO and the rankings of websites. Most of the changes are small, and some updates completely unnoticed. Google never officially confirmed an update.


Now, if there will be major Google algorithm update, you already know what to do to keep yourself calm and on track of what is happen ing and how to manage if there will be impacts of the changes made by Google. It can be scary. It’s true. But if you are handling SEO in the right way, everything will be fine. Observe, learn, and conduct plans or consider other options to avoid dropping into the negative effect of the Google algorithm updates.

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