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Dec 4, 2019 10:05 AM ET

Thunderocket Wireless Charging Case Portable 2-in-1 Charging Phone Case | Qi-charging | Charging Port for Apple Watch 1-5 | Type-C charging for iPhones | Dual Ports

Thunderocket Wireless Charging Case Portable 2-in-1 Charging Phone Case | Qi-charging | Charging Port for Apple Watch 1-5 | Type-C charging for iPhones | Dual Ports

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


We all love the benefits of wireless charging, and the feeling of not having to connect a cable to the device. However, there’s always a trade-off: you gotta have to take another charging pad with you. Our team believes that the most natural wireless charging pad is in your hand, so we set out to find a solution that suits the idea.

The case comes with two ports: A Type-C to activate your wireless charging pad, and a Lightning port to enable 18W fast-charging, or simply saving another port for your lightning EarPods.

When you plug in a Type-C cable, the phone case would then become a wireless charging pad for any Qi-supported device. The charging speed varies from 10W(fast-charging for non-Apple devices) to 7.5W(fastest Apple wireless charging power).

Put the case back in, and you will get a sturdy protection for your phone when you go out and enjoy your life. It survives 1m drop-test with ease, no worry when your phone drops!

The best part?The case would still be charging your phone when you plug in. You can now charge your Apple device with a Type-C cable! One less cable to carry.

Yes indeed! Flip the phone over, and it becomes your best Apple Watch charging companion! All at fastest speed that Apple Watch can run. As for the watch models, don’t worry, we support the charging of every Apple Watch ever released.

 To protect your phone, we specifically added 1mm extra height on the front side, no worries when you put your phone upside-down!

When you charge through Type-C cable, the lightning port was freed to do anything you hope it would do.


18W Charging?Sure. With the official 18W charger, you can easily charge 50% battery in 30 minutes, saving extra time when you REALLY need to get the juice for your phone FAST.

Tested with Apple’s 18W Quick-charger

Want to listen to music while charging? That’s fine, you’ve got a free port just now.

A good phone case should be practical with stylish look as well. With the slim body, the wireless charging phone case feels just like any other palm-friendly case in your hand.

The case also has wide range of compatibility towards iPhones. The gloss back & matte frame looks good across any phone in any color that you would choose to match your style!

We want you to take one less device when going out AT NO COST. At the same price of a regular phone case with the same protection level, we managed to build in a wireless charging case & down-cost till everyone is happy about it. 

Apart from the case itself, we fulfill what we promised — a USB-C to USB-C/A cable would come to you in the box along with the case, FOR FREE! One more cable, one more insurance for your power.

If you want full protection for your phone, then you will definitely need a screen protector with the case. We found the perfect one to work just fine in size with our case, at, well, a price that nobody can refuse.

Available now in our Charging Case Set Rewards!

We have already begun our trial-production, the shipping would start from Feb, 2020!

Guaranteed Manufacturing!

This is the prototypes that we put utmost effort into while developing the final product:

4 Phases of Prototypes

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Risks and challenges

We have finalized the function design to make sure that the product works perfectly when it gets delivered to our customers. Speaking of delivery, we had finished a successful campaign before, and got friendly partnership with our logistics supplier. As for manufacture, we had prepared the materials and are waiting to schedule the factory agenda once the campaign is finished. We will try our best to overcome the difficulties in building the product’s shape, the panel, and the test-running to avoid potential problems. Every product would be put to run tests before they gets delivered. We also prepared plan B in case of delivery problems, such as packaging, delivery speed, etc. To ensure our customers get their products as fast and convenient as they can.

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