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Dec 4, 2019 3:20 PM ET

The Corgi Ita Bag A corgi shaped ita bag to display your favorite knickknacks

The Corgi Ita Bag A corgi shaped ita bag to display your favorite knickknacks

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


Hey there! I’m glad you stopped in because I’m SO excited to introduce you to my new merchandise project, the Corgi Itabag!! This is a huge step for me as I normally make smaller merchandise but with your help I can definitely make this project a success in bringing these adorable bags to life. I super appreciate you taking the time to consider supporting me and getting a cute bag in the process. c:

 An itabag is a great way to show off your fan merchandise. You may cover your bag in keychains, buttons, bromides, plushies, and more to show off your passion and the plastic cover keeps all of your precious items safe & clean. These bags have become very popular in Japan and slowly they’re making a huge splash in other countries! What better way to display your cute merch or obsession at a convention or with friends??

I actually get this question a lot! It’s crazy, I know. To put simply, they’re my favorite breed of dog. I also believe they make the best shape for a bag! They’re like little warm loafs…. how could you not want one? I would also LOVE to do more dog themed bag designs in the future, but for now I think I will stick to something I’m the most passionate about.

The Corgi Itabag is designed to be a small easy to carry bag for personal items! Most Itabags are very large and I wanted a nice smaller alternative. The bag has two main zippers! One is located in the front of the bag underneath to have easy access to the display panel and the second one is located on the top to access the main storage compartment. There’s soft plush fabric lining the inside of the bag giving your beloved items stored in it a safe space to live in. Inside the main compartment I’ve included a smaller zippered pouch for extra security on smaller items like chapstick! The back of the bag has a bigger pocket that can be secured by the little corgi tail flap.

  • 8in wide (8in including front zipper area)
  • 8in tall (10in including ears/feet)
  • 3in deep
  • Two adjustable straps to use as a cross body/shoulder bag
  • One wider adjustable strap to use as a hip bag
  • All gold hardware/zippers with hearts
  • One inside zipper pocket & one outside open pocket with a tail flap
  • Made of leather pvc & clear vinyl

The second item for this project its an exclusive corgi enamel pin. This pin wont be available to purchase anywhere else after this kickstarter ends!

  • 2in
  • Rose Gold plating
  • Rubber Clasp
  • Lizbie back stamp

  $2,000 – Production $400 – Shipping $200 – KS fees

I estimate the shipping will be in February 2020! After the project ends, it takes up to 30 days for me to receive the funds to manufacture the bags and once I get the money I can proceed with the orders. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure how long it will take them to make 100+ bags! But I will keep everyone updated on the process.

Once the bags are manufactured & then shipped to my address, I will then take time to check, sort and pack everyone’s orders to be sure everyone’s order is approved to my expectations & delivered correctly. The bags are shipped to you using USPS. My US backers will receive their bags within 3-4 days & my international backers will be around 4-8 weeks to receive theirs. ***If we get more than 300 backers I might have to use a fulfillment center.

Risks and challenges

I’ve never taken on a merch project this big so I decided to keep it as simple as I possibly can, hopefully avoiding any problems! If we do get more than 300 backers I might have to push my fulfillment to a facility that can handle bigger orders, I don’t think I can ship & pack everything from my small apartment. :p

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