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Dec 4, 2019 3:00 PM ET

Indestructible #2 How can a superhero save the people of the city he loves, if he can’t even save himself? Part 2 of a 6 part series

Indestructible #2 How can a superhero save the people of the city he loves, if he can’t even save himself? Part 2 of a 6 part series

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019

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“A superhero finds out he is dying, a villainous space chimp terrorizes the city, and an inter-dimensional traveler seeks out the help of an old ally to fix what was once his beautiful domain. Welcome to the world of Charlotte City.”

“Issue 1 has received great reviews and I can’t wait for everyone to see what happens in Issue 2! This is where the story takes a turn and really starts rolling. No more tomorrow Part I, is the second piece of a 6-part story that will leave you happy, sad, depressed, emotional, cheerful, excited……can I go on?! INDESTRUCTIBLE will pull all the emotional strings in your body and leave you wanting more.”

Hey there! My name is Robert Doan, and I am the all-around creator of Indestructible! This is my passion project. My dream has been to draw and write comic books since I was a youth sketching and making comic strips in my basement. Indestructible is the type of story I have wanted to do for the longest time. All of the writing and art is done by me. I work every step of the way to pour my heart and soul into this title and I strongly believe it shows in the final product. If you missed out on issue #1, you can find it on this campaign in Sandstone Comics Presents #1, our premier release.

Issue 1 – After a serious accident in his lab, Marty Mason wakes up from a coma with a series of strange abilities he is unsure of how to control. When this newly cloaked superhero takes to the skies above Charlotte City, he comes face to face with an intergalactic threat known as The Space Simian. An intelligent primate from his own planet. In a battle that leaves the ISS in ruins and the Charlotte City Space Elevator in despair, our hero, Nucleus, tries to find out more about his enemy and where exactly he came fromWhen some devastating news about himself arises, he is then burdened with a weight on his shoulders. Can he find out what he needs to know about this pernicious primate before it is all too late?

Issue 2 – ” After a collapse in his own self-confidence, Nucleus is trying to come to terms with his devastating news in issue 1. He seeks out the help of his friends when things take a turn for the worst. He is being taunted by a Billionaire councilman De’Marius Strong and asked to resign his stake in the protecting of Charlotte City. Issue 2 picks up weeks after the events of #1 and leads Nucleus on path he might not be able to come back from.”

I have worked in comics for the past decade as an inker on titles such as Star Trek, Stormwatch, Eric Hensons Eden, as well as, Betty Wicked, The Strange and Hells Executioner for Top Secret Press. After much consideration, I decided it was finally time for me to create my own book.

Each issue takes me approximately 3 months to produce, the story and pencils take me about two months and, the coloring and lettering about 4 weeks. It’s a long haul with long hours but man is it ever fun! 

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Funding comics can be tough. When we launched Sandstone Comics in the spring of 2019 we wanted to package all 3 of our titles into a 72-page perfect-bound book. It is a beautiful publication but we understand a $15.00 book can be a hard sell. People work hard for their money, and it makes it hard to part with. Now that we have our launch behind us, we want to focus on the future. Sandstone Comics has set in motion it’s 2020 platform and release dates for all of its titles. With Indestructible kicking it off Sandstone Comics is going to be releasing bi-monthly publications starting this January. We hope all of you fantastic people will join us for this amazing year ahead

So with that exciting news, how does Kickstarter help us in our journey?  

We couldn’t do it without Kickstarter at this stage in the game. We need the funding to pay for our printing so we can get these books on the shelves. If we shelled out the cash ourselves, we could only print a small number of books, and the cost per issue would rise immensely. And, we couldn’t reach the number of people that Kickstarter would. So with the funding from this campaign, we will be printing 1000 books to bring our cover price down to match Marvel & DC prices. So, why are we asking for the goal we have set? Take a look!

 We have lots of cool rewards to hand out and of course, we want to get these books on the shelves, so we have some amazing retailer tiers. We have our books in several shops across Canada as of now and would love to see that number grow. So if you haven’t jumped on the Sandstone Comics bandwagon, then we invite you to this amazing new world of comics.

And if you can’t afford a pledge, then a share is the most helpful thing you can do to help spread the word via social media or word of mouth. We appreciate all that our followers have done for us so far. We work hard, but we can’t make this a reality without you.

You’ve seen the books, now feast your eyes!!

NOTE: Some larger sized add on items may affect your shipping costs. If you are adding a print to your pledge, then add an extra $5.00 for shipping as well. The size of the package increases, so will the cost of shipping.

Risks and challenges

This time around we are only asking for $2300 to cover the cost of printing and shipping. The book is fully illustrated at this stage and is now being inked and colored. It will be done approx the middle of December 2019. We are set to go to the printer for the first week of January. Some stretch goal rewards may take longer to produce than the book itself. We start shipping out rewards in January 2020 as soon as we get the book in our hands, the printing company has a three-week window to when they receive our files and return them to us in print form. If the campaign is unsuccessful, we will run it again with a lower goal in the new year.

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Sandstone Comics

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