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Dec 4, 2019 4:05 PM ET

Frosting: A Memory A short film about memory, hope, and love. Directed by Michael Strauss Written by Leah Wasylik

Frosting: A Memory A short film about memory, hope, and love. Directed by Michael Strauss Written by Leah Wasylik

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 4, 2019


  “Frosting…” explores the magnificence of memory; how sights, sounds, and smells conjure images and sensations of personal recollection. Through ethereal sensory impressions we relive and revisit the celebration of a young-adult’s last birthday toward the end of her battle with cancer. 

 “Never forget my voice” is what I was last told by Madi Aiello, my friend who lost her battle to Leukemia in 2011. As an artist, this is my way of granting her that wish. 

 Now comes the exciting time of submitting to film festivals! We are fundraising for submission fees and post-production costs. Help us remember Madi and never forget her voice.


Memories can be like shadows, fuzzy images captured with low bandwidth. They are impressions left on our minds that, when recalled, come rushing back in full color and sound. Although not perfectly clear, we can temporarily smell the grass, taste the popcorn, feel the touch of someone who we have not even seen in a while. But the memory lacks a chronology, instead posing as a singularity; a feeling that stirs our very being. “Frosting: A Memory,” is a recollection of an emotional experience. It’s the purest essence of the love that, despite the demise of time and place, persists and pervades deep within us.    -Michael Strauss


“Never forget my voice” was one of the last mantras I heard my best friend, Madi, say before she lost her battle to Leukemia. I wrote this short film to make sure we never forget her voice and that her inspiration lives on. Memory is very unique and beautiful, the moments that still resonate with us or the moments we want to leave behind for others are powerful. I wanted to create a story that touched on hope, friendship and love because that is what Madi gave us here on earth. Those are the things I remember the most.  -Leah Wasylik

Risks and challenges

We need to raise money in order to submit to festivals. The production team has worked hard and poured our hearts into this project, we need this extra push to give the film the reach it deserves. We don’t know where this film will end up, but we are confident with your help it will be seen in theaters around the country.

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Leah Wasylik

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