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Dec 2, 2019 8:30 AM ET

Ears 360™ | Last Reusable Ear cleaner The Better way to clean your ears

Ears 360™ | Last Reusable Ear cleaner The Better way to clean your ears

iCrowd Newswire - Dec 2, 2019


Ears 360™ is the first reusable ear cleaner (7 years old +) efficient and safe tested by ENT doctors (otolaryngologists). Any other reusable or alternative solution are unsafe for your eardrum or inefficient.

No More Waste for our Planet

Dangers of Using Cotton Swabs

When people use cotton swabs they frequently clean out some of the wax, but also push some of it back deeper.

  • Water can also be trapped behind these self-created wax dams and you may hear the water moving around in the ear.
  • The eardrum is very delicate, so you can puncture it with a cotton swab.
  • So, if you tap on the eardrum, you’re sending shock waves into the inner ear and can cause problems with your hearing and balance.

Ready for the change with Ears 360™

 Material, flexible and durable

 Safe and remove the earwax made in the outer ear canal

 Technologyefficient and easy to use

  •  Ears 360™ provide a pure 360° ear cleanse and avoid reaching your eardrum

Reusable and Washable

Easy to carry

Available on 3 Colors

Unlocked Campaign Colors !!!!!

  • Proof of concept @ National France ENT doctors congress in Paris (SFORL).
  • Approval process by SNORL the French National ENT doctors trade union.

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Risks and challenges

Timing is always a challenge with the production of a new product. That’s why our local and trusted manufacturing plant is located in France which will permit to the QA team in place to immediately check the product before shipment to make sure all backers receive the product without any defaults If any issues come up we promise to be transparent and keep you updated as we find solutions. The challenge, will be on the fulfilment side. We plan to ship worldwide, and hope to deliver all the ears 360 even before the deadline mentioned on this page. We sincerely appreciate you backing our campaign, this is the last step to save our beautiful planet.

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