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Nov 25, 2019 12:35 PM ET

Nutshell: A Pocket-Sized Coffee Grinder Enjoy your freshly ground coffee - whenever and wherever. Designed by DripDrop.Cafe

Nutshell: A Pocket-Sized Coffee Grinder Enjoy your freshly ground coffee - whenever and wherever. Designed by DripDrop.Cafe

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 25, 2019


Having a cup of freshly brewed coffee is a pleasant experience. To extend this experience outdoor, we never expect to carry a bulky coffee grinder. To make coffee grinding easier during camping or any outdoor activities, we designed a compact grinder that can fit in your pocket.

Nutshell is designed after a thorough research of different existing grinders
Your ultimate coffee grinder for camping

 Let’s celebrate our success with the new color version!

New reward available: The exclusive Robin Egg Colored Nutshell
Dimension comparison between Nutshell & generic manual coffee grinder

Fill the upper hopper with coffee beans. Made with transparent food-grade material, it’s easy to recognize how many beans are left. It holds up to 18 grams of coffee beans for each load,which is enough for brewing 2 cups of coffee (2 x 8 oz). The bottom container can hold 36 grams of ground coffee.

Each load is enough for brewing 2 cups of coffee (2 x 8 oz)

Twist ‘Nutshell’ back and forth to grind coffee. The ergonomic shape is comfortable for twisting and holding. 

Adjust the grind size for your favorite brew.

Simply wind the adjustment knob to adjust grind size

Grip the lower container and lift the upper module to access ground coffee.

Brief Instruction


Compared with other coffee grinders, Nutshell shares the grinding effort with both hands, whereas grinding with traditional ones lead to the dominant hand fatigue very soon.



With only 138 gramsNutshell weights 50% less than a generic hand grinder.


Without the need of a handle, Nutshell occupies less space than other grinders. It is convenient to be put inside bag, carry pouch or even pocket. For heavily equipped campers who would like to enjoy fresh coffee brewing at the peak of mountain, Nutshell is an ideal choice.


At the early stage of concept generation, we sketched and explored many possible forms. After CAD modeling, a variety of prototypes were 3D printed for different tests to ensure the performance of coffee grinding. By optimizing the structure, we produced molded prototype for final testing. As the design and testing procedure of Nutshell is finished, we would like to gain supports from kickstarter, so we can bring the ultimate portable grinder to the market, and share the joy with all coffee lovers!

This silicone spout is a reward from DripDrop.Cafe, which will be included in Super Early Bird Pack and On The Go Experience Pack. Goosi is a flexible spout that can be attached on any cups with diameter between 75-90mm. As it refines water flow to a narrow stream, any cup can be turn into a goose-neck kettle for making hand drip coffee. 

Reward 01 – ‘Goosi’ silicone cup spout
Reward 02 – Kickstarter Exclusive Carry Pouch
New rewards available! Robin Egg Colored Nutshell + Goosi Silicone Cup Spout

“DripDrop” is dedicated to bringing the sensuous moment of the coffee making process to our coffee lovers and savoring their own harvest. Our design team aims at generating new concepts for coffee making. From market research to product development, we focus on every detail to ensure a quality product. We believe a good product should deliver joy to everyone.

With your support, we can bring this ultimate coffee grinder to all coffee lovers! 

Risks and challenges

As the majority of product development has already taken place, we can guarantee you a complete Nutshell grinder that is as described on this page. Our challenge now is to ensure all delivery to be on-time. We already contacted with delivery courier about the shipping time required for each country. Although the delivery time may varies depending on postal system of different countries, we promise grinders and rewards will be sent out on time.

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