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Nov 20, 2019 2:45 PM ET

OMNIA V - feminine convertible dress for modern woman. Elegant,feminine,convertible dress with 80 styles made of lightweight fabric.Ideal for party,dates and bridesmaids

OMNIA V - feminine convertible dress for modern woman. Elegant,feminine,convertible dress with 80 styles made of lightweight fabric.Ideal for party,dates and bridesmaids

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 20, 2019


OMNIA V – 80 dresses in 1

Convertible dress for every important occasion. Elegant, classy & always emphasize your femininity.

  •  New vision of old, beloved transformer dress. 

 OMNIA V is 5th OMNIA BAND project. Our team specialized on developing smart clothes for women. Main purpose for us is making every woman’s life simple and beautiful.

 With our new vision of beloved convertible dress Omnia Cheri, you can always feel unique and elegant in every situation. Our team sincerely want you to feel elegant and never go out of style. 

 We offer you 8 looks which we like the most.

 With this basic styles you can create your own! We always pleasured when you send us photos of looks you created yourself. Use your imagination and let’s create together.


 Omnia V will always be an excellent option for any type of event where you need to be elegant, feminine and classy. Weddings, birthdays, parties, dates in a word – any important event.

 OMNIA V will be the best decision for bridesmaids. You can always choose needed color and make different styles to make each girlfriend unique.

 The dress consist of three  parts: Top, Skirt and two long Bands. Due to Bands you can create uncountable number of different looks. We’re serious, quantity of looks is limited only with your imagination.

 We use the “CUPRO” fabric. Marketed in 1918, this fabric is regenerated cellulose fibers from recycled cotton linter, cupro breathes and regulates temperature like cotton, drapes elegantly, and feels like silk. Often used for elegant dresses and blouses.

 It can be machine-washed and -dried. Cupro is a hypoallergenic, antistatic fabric that is resistant to stretching out of shape at higher temperatures. Fabric perfectly fits the figure, it doesn’t crumple and pleasant to the body, it doesn’t form spools and folds. The Cupro fiber is very durable and wear-resistant, thanks to the presence of polyester, it does not burn out in the sun, it retains it’s shape well and is dried very quickly.

 Where light colours can be washed on a normal, warm (not hot!) cycle, it’s better to stick cold water when washing dark coloured Cupro™ fabrics. Avoid drying Cupro™ in the tumble dryer: keeping the fabric crease free is much easier when line drying it using     clothespins.

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Risks and challenges

We’ve successfully completed 5 Kickstarter campaigns without any major delays and most of our backers are happy about the whole progress, but there is always some potential risks that might happen. We’ve worked for 5 years to develop what we believe is the most amazing dress system OMNIA. And all this happened because of Kickstarter backers who believe in our ideas and support us.
We have come back to KS with new and unique product OMNIA V and ask you once again to believe in our philosophy.
However, we do acknowledge that there may be certain unforeseen circumstances that may hinder the production or delivery process. This is highly unlikely, but if it does happen, we will work out a solution right away, and you will be the first to know.
Finally, we will try our best to prevent any kind of issues to cause any delay and do our best to ensure your rewards will arrive in time.

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