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Nov 19, 2019 3:35 PM ET

Realm Lands | 2D Survival RPG Realm Land's is a 2D survival open world RPG game that is dynamic with deep RPG elements and loot gathering and skill harnessing

Realm Lands | 2D Survival RPG Realm Land's is a 2D survival open world RPG game that is dynamic with deep RPG elements and loot gathering and skill harnessing

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 19, 2019


Realm Lands 2D Free-to-play Hardcore Survival RPG

We are a small indie development team from Ontario Canada fresh out of college, Our team consists of 3 programmers with passion for development and a love for games. Realm Lands is our take on a mashup of elements from the RPG genre, It will be a dynamic randomly generated realms with tons of enemies, loot, bosses and resources to collect as you progress your character through the different realms. Realm Lands offers unlimited play-ability as no 2 realms will be the same and with no set caps of levels. You will have the option to choose between 4 player classes, Knight, Archer, Wizard, Druid they will have their own unique abilities as well as passives. As you progress through the game you will have the option to change your class into a sub class from the original 4 as a specialty, for example a Knight can choose between a Barbarian or a Templar which will bring on ever more unique abilities and customization. Every piece of gear crafted or looted will be RNG for its rarity and stats so no 2 weapons will be the same, with 7 tiers of rarity as well as unique legendary items with set values dropped from bosses. Realm Lands has tons of skills to offer from weapon proficiency skills, to gathering like woodcutting, fishing, and mining so you can craft your gear, and gather food without having to buy or loot them. We have many more skills planned and features that will be rolling out. What makes Realm Lands hardcore and survival is when you venture out into the realms for fortune you will be faced with challenging monsters waiting for you, when you die in the realms you will lose your inventory your brought in so choose your gear and setup wisely. We plan on bringing PVP arenas as well as plans for future co-op with up to 4 friends to hunt together in the realms.

As we are developing the game we require funding for new graphics for sprites and we plan on having animations for all the players, monsters and states of the players, such as fishing, attacking, monster deaths, and abilities animation. We plan on bringing paper-dolling which will allow you to see your gear you have equip on your player. At Realm Lands we will never make the game pay to win, you can only purchase Premium which will give you slight buffs in the game for ease use and cosmetic items.

Risks and challenges

Some of the challenges of this project is finding a graphic designer to make the sprites, we have had a few create the current ones, but it will be difficult to have a graphics designer to stay on board to make sure the graphics are consistent.

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