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Nov 19, 2019 4:00 PM ET

Magical Card ITA Bag! Magical Card ITA bag! A convertible backpack and crossbody bag with removable wings and custom Zipper pulls/ charms

Magical Card ITA Bag! Magical Card ITA bag! A convertible backpack and crossbody bag with removable wings and custom Zipper pulls/ charms

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 19, 2019


Hello! My name is Christine and I run @cjartcanada on instagram. If you’ve seen my page you know I am obsessed with this 90’s Magical Card/Girl Anime (CCS)! I have been creating work for my shop for just over a year and have run multiple successful  Kickstarters in the past (take a look at my other (magical girl) ones herehere, and here). This by far is my biggest project to date. Making this bag has been a long process and I’m so excited to share this bag that I have designed to be as functional and versatile as possible! 

***Please note that the PINK is a SIMULATION. It may not be exact but the product will be a light/baby pink

Burgundy Bag Front and Back
Pink Bag Front and Back (simulated pink)

What is Kickstarter?: Kickstarter is an all or nothing campaign. The main goal of $5,000 CAD will be for the Burgundy bag and the stretch goal of $8,000 CAD will be for the pink bag. So if you want the PINK BAG please make sure you still pledge for the kickstarter to help unlock it! 

>>>Also, Kickstarter prices are the BEST prices!<<< All bags will be shipped with TRACKING and insurance so to make up for the high cost of shipping (seriously some locations have shipping for 70$, but I would rather take the hit and let you enjoy these bags! I have lowered the price of the bag as much as I could for THIS CAMPAIGN ONLY! The prices will be higher when the bag is in my shop/at conventions! 


Shipping is the worst. I know. I am seriously giving the best price ever. Honestly I’m underpricing the shipping for most places as well, but I just didn’t want to charge $70+ dollars for shipping, especially the double bag option. All bags will have tracking and depending on the add ons, shipping could even be MORE which I will be covering that cost too. I know some people might gasp at the shipping rates but honestly I’m giving all of YOU the best deal. 

Also the 2 bag tiers might be shipped in separate packages. It cost MORE to ship them in one package. One larger package costs more than 2 “smaller” ones, so if you pledge for 2 bags you will most likely get 2 tracking numbers. 

What I’m trying to say is, I’m not Amazon. This is a large and heavy package and so it costs a lot to ship. But I believe in this bag and I KNOW it will be worth it for you!


When will I be charged?: The good thing about Kickstarter is that you are not charged until the campaign ENDS! Which means if you don’t have the money just yet, you can still pledge and you can pay at the end, and any failed pledges will have an extra week to be fixed. If you have a failed pledge and do not fix it with one (1) week after the campaign ends it will be dropped and you will NOT receive the items! 

How will you ship them?: All bags will be shipped with Chit Chats- Tracking and Insurance is Included for ALL bags! NO EXCEPTIONS

What does a pledge get me?: When you pledge for a bag it will depend on what tier you choose. Please read the title of each tier closely as they are separated  by colour (burgundy and pink). For every bag you pledge for you will get: 

Bag Specifications and Details
Custom zipper pulls/charms

Every bag comes with 4 pulls. (charms can be purchased individually too, without a bag, please check your tier title carefully)

Burgundy comes with 2x Kero and 2x Bird staff pulls. 

Pink Bag comes with 2x Kero and 2x Star staff pulls 

Bag Accessories: Wings, Backpack Straps, Crossbody Strap, Insert. (Each bag comes with 1 set as pictured above, that matches bag color selected)
Carefully selected details for maximum functionality


 ZIPPER PULLS: ADD $5 for 2 pulls! Pulls are 0.75″ hard enamel, gold plated, with 15mm lobster clasp. They can be swapped and changed at any time! Also they can be used on almost any zipper, so they can go on any bags, sweaters (I use on zip up hoodies), or even a charm bracelet/necklace!

>>> Add $5CAD for every set of TWO (2) Zipper pulls! Choose from: (1) Clow Card (2) Sakura Card (3) Kero Head (4) Bird Staff (5) Star Staff (6) Wing (7) Cherry Blossom.  >>> Since there are 7 charms if you pledge an extra $15 CAD for all 6 you will get the 7th FREE!

EXTRA INSERT: Add $8 for each extra insert. Each bag comes with ONE (1) pin insert for FREE already. If you would like to add on more to easily be able to change inserts or to replace yours after it becomes damaged (eventually after a lot of pin usage) add on $8 CAD for every extra insert. I recommend adding inserts NOW through the campaign. 

EXTRA WINGS: Add $10 for another set of WINGS. You would be pledging for another pair, the exact same white wings that come with the bag already. This is in case your wings get damaged or get lost, you can have a replacement set.

EXTRA STRAPS: Add 10$ for each set of straps (1 pair of backpack straps, or one extra crossbody strap, (eg. $20 for both). ***PLEASE NOTE This pricing is for ONE BAG, if you are in the 2 bag tier then you have to DOUBLE the add on price to get an extra set for BOTH bags.


These pins will be hard enamel, around 2″ approximately, gold plated (Yue silver), 2 pin posts, back stamped with rubber clutches. If you want ONLY enamel pins you can select the pin tier for the amount you would like. If you want to ADD PINS to your BAG pledge then add $15 for EACH PIN you would like to add (4 designs total) Pins pictured below.

-Pins NOT shipped with bags will ship with Chit chats to US and International customers. All Canadian pin orders will be shipped Letter mail via Canada Post 

Teacup Cuties Hard Enamel Pins: $15 EACH


Magical Mystery Bags will include a pin, patch, and MORE (At least $40+ CAD Value) . Some items that I have not even released yet, but trust me you will not be disappointed!! They will be pastel/ magical girl themed!  I would love to give you more details but that would ruin the surprise! (Bags will be packed at RANDOM)

Mystery bag value will be at LEAST $40+ CAD dollar value! 

ADD ON: If you want to add on a mystery bag to your current pledge just add $25. Awesome Value!  (bags may contain items previously in store but ALL bags will also include UNRELEASED items!) Mystery bags can be added to ANY tier! 

*MANU PIC* Of UNRELEASED patch that could be included in your mystery bag!

Thank you so much for the support! If you like this bag follow me on instagram for more items and updates throughout the campaign @cjartcanada

Risks and challenges

While all projects have risks and challenges I have found a manufacturer that was recommended to me by a friend who already had a positive experience with them. I am confident with my choice and have had great communication with them. If something is to go wrong I of course will let everyone know here as soon as possible and let yo know what the solution is. Hopefully we don’t encounter any! I have already put a lot of planning into this and I am so excited for this project!

Contact Information:


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