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Nov 19, 2019 12:25 PM ET

Life Devotional To receive a copy of the Life devotional just click the green

Life Devotional To receive a copy of the Life devotional just click the green

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 The World’s First Evangelical Devotional

Life is a 365-day devotional that actually spreads God’s love across the world when it is purchased! With each purchase of the devotional, my digital missionary team will share the gospel with 6,500 people all around the world.

This means every time a book is purchased – 6,500 people have the chance to get to know Jesus!

The Life Devotional is unique in the fact that this is the first devotional you can buy that doesn’t just change your relationship with God but has the ability to impact thousands of other lives!

Click the button below to back this project!

By backing this project you are helping make possible the first-ever devotional to give all profits towards seeking the lost.

This project is part of a much larger cause, to share God’s love with one billion people in 192 countries by 2025

One Dollar = 150 Souls

 You’ve Never Experienced a Devotional Like This

The purpose of this devotional is to bring you closer to our Creator every single day. It is the devotional that gives life and saves lives. Every page, image, and word has been prayed over and inspired by God’s creation and His word. 

Each daily devotional has an encouraging and thought-provoking message that is designed to enhance your relationship with our Father

Life was made to be shown off! This is a book that you will be proud to take with you everywhere you go.

It makes the perfect coffee table book for your home, as guests will love looking through the striking images and encouraging messages. 

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 Backing This Project Can Save Souls 

When you back this project my online missionary non-profit organization ( will be matching your donation amount to digitally share the love of Jesus Christ with people all over the world.  

 Back this devotional to become a part of our digital missionary team and help spread the love of Christ to those you’ve never even meet! 

 That’s me on the right on one of my trips to India. 

 What Is More Rewarding Than Saving Souls?

When you back this project, you aren’t just supporting the printing of these beautiful devotionals, you’re also helping spread the love of Jesus all around the globe! Here are the different levels of rewards for this amazing project.

The Perfect Gift For Someone You Love

Life is a beautiful 365-day devotional that will help you or someone you love to become closer to God through challenging and encouraging messages.

Each copy of the Life devotional includes:

  • Gorgeous full-color images
  • 365 different daily devotionals for every day of the year
  • Scripture references to give context to each devotional
  • Personal prayers and encouraging messages from the author (Andrew)

If we are able to reach our goal for the first run of printing ($25,000 by Nov. 30), then the devotionals will be ready to ship for this Christmas!

Risks and challenges

Everything that can be done to eliminate risk has been taken care of. The devotional has been proofed and the prototype was printed and tweaked for finalization.

Contact Information:

Andrew Farland

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