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Nov 13, 2019 11:15 AM ET

Scorpio #1-2: An Urban Fantasy Comic About the Zodiac A diverse, urban fantasy comic about 12 mystical relics that are empowered by the zodiac

Scorpio #1-2: An Urban Fantasy Comic About the Zodiac A diverse, urban fantasy comic about 12 mystical relics that are empowered by the zodiac

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


Scorpio #2 Cover by Scarlett Leigh

The Scorpio relic known as the “Sword of Shadows” has been stolen by mysterious assassins. Daniel Shim’s life has been shattered. But these shadowy thieves weren’t the only parties with their eyes set on the the ancient mystics of the Zodiac. Dark beings have been patiently lying in the shadows, and it may take the intervention of the Herald of Libra to balance the scales…  

 We are back on Kickstarter again with the continuation of this zodiac based series with Scorpio #2! Each issue is 24 pages in length, full color, and is a part of an ongoing series. The series resolves around 12 relics that grant abilities based on the Zodiac and a cast of diverse characters that use these abilities as the heralds of their signs.

  • Dive deeper into the world of Scorpio
  • Diverse characters
  • 2 issues
  • 24 Pages each
  • Full Color
  • Ongoing Series

 Want a FREE preview full of pages from both #1 &#2 as well as some character profiles? DOWNLOAD HERE.

Pages are not in actual book order

Aside from Kickstarter’s obvious effectiveness in making projects happen from a financial perspective, this platform has also proven to the be the best way to connect directly with my work’s audience and to discover new individuals who may be interested. With Kickstarter, we are able to have one on one conversation, and discuss the finer nuances of the comic as a whole, all while allowing support. Due to its security and truth worthiness I’ve found Kickstarter to be the best way to truly grow Scorpio

 Most of the funds for this Kickstarter will be used for the actual production of the comic itself. Art, colors, letters, covers, prints, etc. Then depending on how the awards iron out at the end, printing and shipping will have similar costs. I foresee printing costing somewhat more this time as well, as I will be also printing more of the first issue in addition.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view the project. All I ask now is that you back and help me to continue this series that the world already loves so much. It’s the greatest joy to put the Scorpio T-shirt on fan, or to see someone holding the book in their hands, and I want to continuing giving this to you. So please, back now, so i continue to create. Thank you and God bless. 

Risks and challenges

Scorpio #2’s line art is are already complete, and the colors are well on their way. There are of course unforeseen circumstances that can occur, but as always, I have contingencies for a great deal of them. The rewards should have no problem with being delivered on time :).

Contact Information:

John Robinson IV

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