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Nov 13, 2019 10:00 AM ET

Invisible Battles An enamel pin to raise awareness and open conversations about the invisible battles we fight

Invisible Battles An enamel pin to raise awareness and open conversations about the invisible battles we fight

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019

Project image for Invisible Battles


Hey! My name is Ilona, but you probably know me as Chocolona or @chocolonaa on Instagram. I’ve decided to launch a little Quickstarter to get this lovely, glittery pin made 💜✨

Note: If you would like shipping with tracking and insurance, be sure add about €11 to your pledge. I wish I could make it less expensive, but sadly the postal service cost for insurance is €17 for packages up to 2 kg.

Important: You will NOT be charged until the Kickstarter ends! Reward surveys will be sent out when the campaign is over and fully funded. Please be sure to double-check your address and pin selection while filling it in!

The Kickstarter will end around the middle of November. It should take approximately 2 weeks for the funds to get sent to me. Shortly after I receive the funds, I will put the pins into production. It’ll most likely take a month after the pins are paid for until they arrive. This means I’ll be sending them in January.

Invisible Battles | Unlocks at €500

I designed this pin to raise awareness for and bring attention to the invisible battles we fight every day. These can be emotional, physical or both. I suffer from multiple invisible illnesses and I often feel ignored or misunderstood. I hope this pin allows us to potentially open up a conversation about the battles that are so often overlooked.


  • Hard enamel with opal glitter
  • Transparent epoxy
  • White screenprint
  • 50mm/2″
  • 22kt gold plating
  • 2 pin posts

If you’re interested in any of these pins, have a look at my website <3

Risks and challenges

Sometimes the pin production or shipping doesn’t go smoothly and it takes a little longer for the pins to get here. If this happens I will keep everyone updated both on here and on my Instagram: @Chocolonaa

Because the pictures shown in this Kickstarter are only mockups, the real design colours may differ slightly from the mockups. I will make sure there aren’t any drastic differences however.

There are most likely going to be pins with little defects, but I will never ever send these out to my backers. Before I package your pins I will thoroughly check them for any faults to make sure you receive the pins you paid for!

Contact Information:


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