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Nov 13, 2019 4:30 PM ET

COCONESIA - adopt a palm tree and get coco products from it! Handmade by Lombok women to bring you a unique story of life after earthquake. Help them and their families start new life

COCONESIA - adopt a palm tree and get coco products from it! Handmade by Lombok women to bring you a unique story of life after earthquake. Help them and their families start new life

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


Welcome to Lombok – the Island of vivid colorful sunsets, soft sandy beaches, clear crystal waters and beautiful highland areas. Lombok is still unspoiled, abundant with unique culture and aromatic spicy food. Covered with thousands of coconut palm trees dancing in the wind and whispering incredible stories. And this all for us to experience, admire and treasure.

 In August 2018, strong earthquakes hit the Lombok Island. Many people where killed, thousands of them injured, more than half of the million citizens lost their households, workplaces, shelters. People started to restructure their lives focusing on what is the most important for the future of their families and the Island. 

 Story of COCONESIA starts long before it happened.  Danica, Marta and Pak Raden were helping local community in various ways. And one day our paths crossed.

We spend time talking about Lombok and its post earthquakes future. We become fully aware that only coconut trees plantations stood up to the forces of nature. We realized how important the coconut palm trees can be for the community and the Island itself. We decided to join forces and started working on a project that combines the passion of creation and desire to give back and help local community. 

 Our main goal is to restore a production of coconut products.

In 2016 Pak Raden gathered women from his village (Sokong, North Lombok) and they started a production of organic virgin coconut oil (vco). This product helped increase local economy in many ways. Their product received all the necessary certificates confirming its high quality and nutritional values. 

 The 2018 earthquake that struck North Lombok enormously effected the local community by destroying their workshops, machines and tools. Therefore, it was impossible to conquer the local market and develop sales of virgin coconut oil and other coconut products.

COCONESIA project has only one goal – to fully restore and upgrade production of virgin coconut oil and additional coconut products. We want to achieve it by buying necessary machines and rebuilding community workshops where all the manufacturing can take place again. Pak Raden with his female co-workers started the production already but it doesn’t have a chance to be fully operational without help from you.

 To make COCONESIA products we use North Lombok palm trees and their fruits. We want you to feel personally connected to our project. We give you a chance of owning your own Indonesian palm tree. By adopting it you will receive a personalised certificate and coconut products made directly from YOUR own tree.      

 By being a part of this process you are not only supporting our project but also saving our planet. Our production is based on zero waste philosophy and we are making our products using and recycling 100% of coconut palm tree and its fruits.

 All of the products are 100% handmade from the Sokong coconut plantation. They are handmade by local women who share their knowledge and recipes with younger generations. Coconesia’s products are natural, eco friendly, organic and bio. Food products like oil, sugar, shredded coconut are made by using traditional methods and recipes. As we mentioned our project is based on zero waste principals. Brushes produced by us are made of coconut fiber, bowls from coconut shells and food products from its pulp. To make the cutlery, we use old coconut wood from the palm trees which does not grow fruits anymore. By doing all of that we reuse palm trees so you can fully enjoy natural, exotic and organic products.

Look who is talking already about our project, recognizing true values in its products, mission and goals that we stand for. COCONESIA is a staple of better tomorrow for many inhabitants of the Island of Lombok and you can be a part of the movement

Risks and challenges

Right now we need your help raising the funds to restore a production of coconut products. The funds raised by this campaign will be used to purchase technology, advanced tools and building a new community workshop, which was destroyed during 2018 earthquakes.
Any additional funds will be used to build showroom and its interior.
One of the risks that we can’t control is worldwide delivering services. All the products will have attached special phyto-sanitary certificate issued by Indonesian Post Office. The quarantine restrictions for goods are different in each country so we can’t predict the process of approval and final delivery.
Our greatest challenge now is to meet the production quantities, reflected by our Kickstarter campaign’s goal.

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