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Nov 13, 2019 8:15 AM ET

Charlie Adlard: Drawings + Sketches Peek behind the scenes of The Walking Dead's Charlie Adlard with rare and never before seen drawings spanning his entire career

Charlie Adlard: Drawings + Sketches Peek behind the scenes of The Walking Dead's Charlie Adlard with rare and never before seen drawings spanning his entire career

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 13, 2019


“Not enough attention is given to the fact that he’s one of the best artists to have ever worked in comics” – Robert Kirkman

Don’t  miss this chance to take a glimpse behind the curtain of the creative  process and art of one of the comic industry’s best illustrators in Charlie Adlard: Drawings and Sketches, edited by Tim Pilcher.

Charlie  Adlard: Drawings + Sketches is a exclusive collection of rare and never  before seen illustrations from the famed Walking Dead artist and former  comic laureate, Charlie Adlard.

Edited  by Eisner award-winning former DC Vertigo editor, Tim Pilcher, this  book will give readers and fans a peek behind the curtain of his  creations. With two decades of comic art behind him,  Drawings + Sketches selects work from The Walking Dead, Vampire State  Building, Wendigo and much more – offering insights into the stories and  processes behind his work.

Charlie  Adlard: Drawings + Sketches is the latest in the Drawing + Sketches  series from BHP. The series launched with the successful pocketbook,  Frank Quitely: Drawings + Sketches, which collected  the work of famed All Star Superman artist, Frank Quitely.

“Charlie Adlard is one of the best illustrators – the best storytellers – in the industry” – Jonathan Ross

 Charlie Adlard is the former UK Comics Laureate and artist on The Walking Dead comic series alongside writer Robert Kirkman. He has also worked with Marvel, DC, Image Comics and many others on comics including 2000 AD, Mars Attacks, The X-Files, Judge Dredd and X-Men

Tim Pilcher is the Eisner-nominated co-author of How Comics Work, a writer, lecturer, editor, publishing consultant and co-owner of Soaring Penguin Press. He has previously worked at Vertigo and Humanoids.

BHP Comics is one of the leading independent comic publishers in the UK, whose roster includes Judge Dredd creators John Wagner and Alan Grant (Rok of the Reds), Clare Forrest (Mighty Women of Science), Dave Cook and Craig Paton (Killtopia), and more. They also produce major comic events across the country, including Glasgow Comic Con. Shortlisted for Publisher of the Year 2017-2019.

If you back the project, here’s what you can get.

  •  The book. You can get the paper and/or hardback print copy of Charlie Adlard: Drawings + Sketches if you pre-order via Kickstarter.  Theres also a discounted version for retailer to buy it wholesale. This publishes in Summer 2020, and you will be the first to get it. Digital copies are also available.
  •  The Sketch by Charlie. Charlie will be offering a limited number (10) personalised drawings to those who back the top tier, you can request what you want.
  •  BHP bonuses. This isn’t the first in the series: BHP has also published the brilliant Frank Quitely: Drawings + Sketches, which is currently available in paperback. We’re also offering our final editions of the deluxe boxset, Comic Invention, which explores the history of comics and the artform.
  •  More art. A book full of sketches isn’t quite enough, is it? So we’ve got some additional bundles – one includes an exclusive A4 print from the book itself, a run of ‘Thank You’ postcards
  •  Music. Charlies band, Cosmic Rays, have an E.P out, and you can get one signed.

With Kickstarter, it goes beyond just offering a way for you to order books, but reaching new people to showcase brilliant projects. The comics community on Kickstarter has been supportive of many BHP Comics projects across the years, and we felt there was no better place to launch this exclusive pre-order for Charlie Adlard: Drawings + Sketches, both a thanks and way to ensure we reach as many new people as possible.

Your money will go primarily towards the printing and production of the book, making sure it matches the quality of Charlie’s work inside! 

Thanks for supporting BHP Comics and independent comics publishing! We appreciate it.

Risks and challenges

No risks with this project, all the artwork is from Charlies collection, it’s all been scanned and we’re in the process of pulling the internals together for the book.

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BHP Comics

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