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Nov 10, 2019 2:00 AM ET

Simple Solutions to Common Mold Problems

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 10, 2019


Mold. Most people cringe at the thought. They see dollar signs and think, “This is going to be expensive.” Darryl Morris, author, “The Mold Code Mini Handbook” – a free, digital, downloadable guide – explains that it doesn’t have to be. He’s the president of Midwest Aerobiology Labs and has been working with people in the Naperville and Chicagoland region for more than 14 years. When it comes to mold he believes in prevention and proactivity first. He shares mold cleaning tips and much more.

This guide reveals everything you ever wanted to know about recognizing, controlling and getting rid of mold but were afraid to ask. After collaborating with other industry experts, Morris shares more than 100 simple solutions to common mold problems. His no-nonsense approach to mold is quickly making him a trusted and leading industry expert and people are taking notice.

“Forget about the Internet. Everything you need to know about mold can be found in the ‘Mold Code,’ ” Edward Drellack, Code Enforcement Offices for the Village of Bartlett, Health Department, says.

Rich Sumner, a building inspector for the Village of Chicago Ridge, agrees. He says, “‘Mold Code’ addresses the cause, problem and the solution.”

This easy-to-read, downloadable guide is proving to be a must-have resource for just about anyone who has mold concerns. The “Mold Code Mini Handbook” is a complete step-by-step guide for making homes and buildings safe again.

“We’ve done all the work, so you don’t have to,” Morris says.

Mold Questions Answered; Mold Myths Debunked

When people hear the word “mold,” more often than not, they think it’s cause for concern. That’s not always the case. In the “Mold Code,” Morris explains what to look for, gives tips for how to clean it and how to prevent it. He explains why some people should test for mold, while others don’t have to. Common questions addressed include:

In addition to answering questions, he also provides tips for things like how to turn your furnace into a mold cleaning machine, how to fix damp crawl spaces and provides advice on what types of furnace filters are best.

Know Mold provides people with solutions, not problems. It encourages prevention and demonstrates that remediation is not always necessary. It’s honest and that gives people peace of mind.


So, be proactive. Be part of the solution. Download The Mold Code Mini Handbook.”  You’ve got nothing to lose except the fear of mold.

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