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Aug 16, 2019 7:10 AM ET

DehydraTECH: The Cynosure of Efficient CBD Delivery -

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 16, 2019

CFN Media Group (“CFN Media”), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry, announces publication of an article discussing Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (CSE: LXX) (OTCQX: LXRP).

Scientists use words like “bioavailability,” “pharmacokinetics” and “targeted” in describing keys to efficiently treating disease and conditions. To the patient, it is just swallowing a pill, but there are years of research that goes into improving drug delivery with the goal of getting the medicine to the right spot as quickly as possible to maximize the effect. Thanks to the innovative work conducted at Lexaria Bioscience Corp., the next generation of drug delivery is here, a patented technology called DehydraTECH™ that can improve outcomes and save lives.

Backstopped by successful in vivo, in vitro and clinical trials, Lexaria has shown that utilizing DehydraTECH promotes healthier administration methods and higher effectiveness of ingestible drugs and other molecules. The precision of DehydraTECH means that improved therapeutic benefits can be observed with lower doses of the active ingredient compared to traditional delivery methods.

While the technology can be used for a wide spectrum of drug molecules, Lexaria is putting an emphasis currently on delivery of cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive component of cannabis and hemp. Long touted for its medicinal uses, there is a growing body of clinical evidence validating the potential of CBD to safely treat an array of maladies ranging from anxiety to hard-to-treat diseases like epilepsy.

As such, there is a growing choir of patient voices calling out for CBD products to give them relief where traditional medicines have failed or come with unpleasant side effects.

This demand is at the heart of a May report from industry analyst firms BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research that forecast CBD sales to exceed $20 billion in the U.S. within five years.

To that end, it’s no surprise that Lexaria is focusing on this emerging market.

Better and Better Results

Recently conducted animal experiments have shown that standard DehydraTECH formulations combining cannabinoids with long-chain fatty acids (LCFA) deliver CBD at industry-leading volumes and speed with appealing flavor and aroma profiles that don’t require artificial chemical masking agents, additional flavoring agents or sweeteners.

More specifically, research showed that the DehydraTECH formulation delivered measurable quantities of CBD into the blood in as little as 2 minutes, three times faster than the medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil-based control formulation. MCT oils, such as coconut oil, are commonly used today in the manufacturing of popular cannabis edibles.

In just 15 minutes, the technology delivered more CBD to the bloodstream than the MCT control formulation did in 60 minutes. In fact, at the 15-minute point, the DehydraTECH formulation had a blood concentration level that was 475% greater than the MCT oil formulation. Furthermore, the peak level of the MCT formulation (achieved at about 52 minutes) was already topped by the DehydraTECH formulation at 15 minutes.

The area under the curve (AUC – a measure of drug concentration in blood plasma compared to time to determine the total amount of drug delivered) for DehydraTECH was 389% more than the MCT oil control, lending additional credence to the potency of the technology.

At the conclusion of the 60-minute study, those animals receiving the DehydraTECH formulation had blood concentration levels 319% more than the MCT oil formulation and had an average maximum CBD blood concentration level 334% above the MCT group’s average.

While impressive, Lexaria this month released more animal study data from a test combining DehydraTECH with compounds believed to be synergistic to enhance gastro-intestinal absorption. The results showed the company to be correct in the hypothesis.

Again, the DehydraTECH formulation was measured against a traditional MCT coconut oil formulation. Instead of the 475% improvement in CBD concentration in the blood, the “Enhanced DehydraTECH” formulation led to 811% more CBD delivery into blood than the MCT formulation.

The Enhanced DehydraTECH formulation simply blew the MCT formulation out of the water on every metric, including delivering more CBD to blood in just 12 minutes than the MCT formulation was able to achieve at any point during the 60-minute test duration.

The Enhanced version was even far superior to the traditional DehydraTECH formulation, reaching a maximum blood concentration level in just 45 minutes compared to traditional DehydraTECH at 50 minutes (and the MCT coconut oil formulation at 57 minutes).

The novel formulation delivered roughly twice as much CBD to animal blood at all measured time points in the study from the 15-minute mark onwards, compared to traditional DehydraTECH; and during the same time points from 717% to 1098% more CBD than the generic industry MCT formulations.

Also worth noting is that both versions of DehydraTECH started tapering off within the one hour parameter of the test. The quick onset/quick offset creates a favorable PK profile in cases where multiple dosings are necessary for the optimal outcome.

Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier

The brain is obviously a complex organ the employs a barricade of cells to keep foreign cells out. This protective wall, known as the blood-brain barrier, is a double-edged sword insomuch that while it keeps pathogens out, it won’t let in about 95% of all tested pharmaceutical agents either, creating a huge area of unmet medical need to treating conditions of the brain.

Lexaria has previously shown in animal models that its technology can not only deliver nicotine to the bloodstream, but also across the blood-brain barrier more efficiently than today’s industry standards. Apropos, Lexaria has licensed its technology for this application to one of the largest nicotine products companies in the world.

Following on that research, Lexaria tested brain tissue concentrations to evaluate 8-hour CBD delivery from the DehydraTECH LCFA formulation versus the MCT oil formulation. What they found was that the concentration of CBD in the brains of the animals receiving the DehydraTECH formulation was 246% greater than those in the MCT group.

Late in May, the company raised the bar yet again with more animal testing proving that the combination of DehydraTECH and generic nanotechnology techniques in an oral formulation delivered 1,137% more CBD into brain tissue than a common industry formulation in use today.

The recent tests of the Enhanced DehydraTECH formulation set the benchmark even higher, delivering a whopping 1,937% more CBD into animal brain tissue after 8 hours compared to generic industry MCT coconut oil formulations and 487% more than traditional DehydraTECH.

Better, Stronger, Faster

It’s not hyperbole to say that Lexaria has set new performance thresholds for CBD delivery technology considering its tests show an 8-fold increase in blood plasma and 19-fold increase in concentrations in brain tissue compared to generic industry formulations. 

Unprecedented results like that should put the company at the center of attention in scientific circles as a thought leader in oral CBD delivery, albeit in tablet, capsule or pill form for the pharmaceutical, medical and supplement markets.

Lexaria has been licensing its DehydraTECH technology to partners in the cannabis industry for over three years and intends to extend this new data to its licensees expeditiously. These latest developments provide cogent evidence of the technology greatly outperforming anything on the market today, while opening up market opportunities for customized approaches to develop new products and improve upon existing ones.


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The above article is sponsored content. Emerging Growth LLC, which owns and CFN Media, has been hired to create awareness. Please follow the link below to view our full disclosure outlining our compensation:

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