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Oct 18, 2019 3:47 AM ET

Dog Friendly Stores: A Guide on How to Shop With Your Dog

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There are many dog friendly stores you can go to and shop at with your pet. Before you go, check out this guide to shopping with a dog.


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Over 67% of people own a pet, most of them being dog owners. Many pet owners bring their pets as travel companions. One of the most popular destinations to do this is in New York City.

When traveling with your pet, it helps to know where you can find dog friendly stores in New York City. Pet-friendly policies make it easy to bring your four-legged family member with you while shopping. This helps socialize your dog and makes your trip more fun and convenient. Sometimes, we have to go outside and bring our dogs along with us for some reason. It is not like going online and browsing through stuff from online pet stores like KarmaPets . Some establishments do not welcome the sight of pets inside their stores

So, which NYC stores allow pets and what’s the proper shopping etiquette? Here are all the dog-related details on how to shop with your pet in the big apple.

The Best Dog Friendly Stores in NYC

Before you begin a search of dog stores near me, it helps to know which brands favor pets. Certain chain stores have favorable pet polices. This allows dogs to accompany their owners into a store.

Many of these retailers have national pet policies in place. Yet, others will vary by location and store manager.

Rules are also subject to change if a store has a bad experience with a pet. So, it’s always best to call ahead to confirm before bringing your pet into a certain store.

Many local family-owned shops and boutiques also welcome pets and their owners. Below is a list of retailers known for having pet-friendly policies.


Barnes and Noble is a national book retailer that will welcome well-behaved dogs. McNally Jackson Booksellers in Soho is another pet-friendly option in NYC.

The Strand Bookstore in NYC will also accommodate leashed dogs. This independent bookstore features over 18 miles of books, with tons of titles on dogs.

Craft and Hobby Stores 

For pets with a creative side, bring them to Michaels when craft shopping. You’ll find a few different locations scattered throughout NYC.

Technology Stores

Shopping for an iPad, Mac laptop, or Apple watch? You can bring your dog with you into many Apple retailer stores. Check out Apple on 5th Avenue as it’s one of their most impressive locations in the country.

Beauty Stores

You don’t have to leave your pet at a hotel when shopping for makeup and other beauty products. These beauty brands will welcome your pooch:

For many of these stores, their love for pets also extends into the products they sell. They abide by a no animal testing or animal cruelty policy.

Hardware Stores 

Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Lumber Liquidators also allow four-legged customers.  Some of these stores even offer vet services, like pet vaccinations.

You can also find Harbor Freight Tools and Lowe’s in Brooklyn. These brands are known for their pet-friendly policies.

Home Goods Stores

NYC is one of the best cities for picking up stylish home goods. These stores make shopping for home decor easy for traveling dog owners.

It is a good idea to be extra cautious when bringing your pet into furniture stores. Make sure your pet knows not to get on any of the sample beds or couches.

Clothing Stores 

One of the main reasons tourists flock to NYC is for the designer shopping experience. NYC is home to 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue, and New York Fashion Week.

Dogs can be helpful when it comes to shopping for the latest in fashion and athletic wear. These clothing stores are happy to have your pet as a customer.

One of the best parts about shopping along Madison Avenue is the close access to Central Park. The park is a large pet paradise and the perfect place to walk your dog.

Sporting Goods Stores

Dog’s make great camping and outdoor companions. So, it’s only natural for them to be able to join you when you shop at sporting goods stores. These store brands are great choices for bringing your pet.

Orvis is located on 5th Avenue and welcomes leashed dogs. They also have a pet section for all the best dog products. Here you can pick up dog beds, toys, treats, and leashes.

Jewelry Stores

Many of your favorite NYC jewelry retailers welcome pets. Kendra Scott, Alex and Ani, and Pandora are a few brands that favor four-legged customers.

Tiffany and Co is one of the most iconic jewelry stores in NYC. They have a favorable pet policy and even sell luxury pet accessories.

Pet Stores 

It’s no surprise that pet supply stores encourage you to bring your dog while shopping with them.

Petco and Petsmart are known for their super friendly pet attitude. Many independent pet boutiques will also allow you to bring your dog inside. Do an online search for NYC dog friendly stores near me to be sure.

Farmer’s Markets

Dogs are not allowed in grocery stores and other establishments that sell food. There are some exceptions for service dogs, but not pets. A great alternative is to bring your dog to an open-air farmer’s market in NYC.

Union Square is a popular choice for bringing your pet to the market. You’ll be able to buy groceries and also have access to dog friendly stores and vendors. Some markets sell homemade dog treats or Innovet hemp oil for pets.

Proper Pet Owner Etiquette for Shopping with Your Dog  

For stores that allow pets, there is a right way and a wrong way to shop with your dog. Always use proper etiquette when shopping with your pet.

This means ensuring your dog has proper training and obedience skills. Your dog should be respectful of other dogs and their owners. They shouldn’t be pulling on their leash or trying to jump on other shoppers.

Your dog should be able to function in a social environment. This means no barking at other people and their pets.

Don’t ever leave your dog unattended inside of pet friendly stores. This includes trying on clothing in the dressing rooms.

You’ll also need to keep your dog out of any in-store cafes or restaurants. This includes the Starbucks inside of Barnes and Noble.

Smaller dog breeds can sit in a shopping cart or inside a pet carrier. Use a short leash for larger breeds. A harness can also help control more energetic dogs.

There is a difference between stores that allow pets and stores that only allow service dogs. Always be on the lookout for any signage that states dogs are not welcome. These signs will likely be posted in shop windows before you enter the store.

If a store does not allow dogs, never make a false claim that a pet is a service dog.  This can get you into serious legal trouble. You may be subject to misdemeanor charges and other fines.

Always make sure your pet goes to the bathroom before bringing them into a store. This will avoid any embarrassing messes and clean up for store employees.

Creating a Positive Shopping Experience for Your Pet

Creating a positive shopping experience for your pet will make them better behaved. It helps to start with quick shopping trips to test your dog’s behavior.

Begin by taking them to a pet store in NYC. Here they can get used to the experience and become familiar with a new environment. There are new smells, sights, and sounds that come with places you can bring your dog.

Walking your dog around NYC will also help prepare them for a new experience. This way they get used to crowds of people and other distractions.

Always pay attention to your dog’s comfort level. Watch for signs that they seem stressed or overwhelmed by the shopping experience. As new distractions and certain things can provoke your dog to act out.

If your dog gets overwhelmed, remove them from the store as quickly as possible. Take them for a walk outside to calm them down.

Be aware that many people might try to pet your dog. Be sure to let them know if the dog is friendly enough for this. You’ll also want to be extra careful of small children that approach your dog.

Many stores that do not allow pets are still happy to provide special treats for your dog. Many NYC cafes and restaurants with outdoor patio seating will allow you to bring your dog. Some even offer special pet-friendly menus.

Boris and Horton Dog Cafe in the East Village is another option. This cafe was created especially for pets and features an innovative menu.

Pet friendly stores often provide water and treats for dog customers. So, be sure to reward your dog after a successful shopping trip.

Planning to go to a shop that does not permit pets? NYC is home to plenty of doggy daycares that can watch your pet for a few hours.

Many hotels are also dog friendly and provide a safe environment for your pet. A few options include Soho Grand, NYLO, The Bowery.

Bringing Your Pet out and About in NYC

NYC is home to many unique experiences and attractions for visitors. Many travelers come for the large variety of different shops and retailers.

Dog friendly stores in NYC offer a great experience for both pet and owner. It gives your pet the chance to socialize while you explore the city. These pet-friendly policies also make it much easier to travel with your pet.

Looking for more great places to bring your pet? Check out our restaurant section to see which spots offer outdoor seating to accommodate four-legged guests.


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