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Sep 25, 2019 5:14 AM ET

Traveling To Israel- The Jewish Experience

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 25, 2019

Israel is well-known around as a religious center hence many of its visitors are mainly on pilgrimage. It is the center of Christianity, Judaism as well as having a mosque which attracts several worshippers year in year out. However, behind the allure of religion, there are gems that Israel has to offer to the adventurer seeking to quench their curiosity and exploration thirst.

The country is mainly Jewish hence be prepared for the ultimate Jewish experience in this Middle Eastern country. Let us look more on this suitable travel destination.

If Israel is on your checklist as a travel destination, be sure to have several points of interests, at times too much than the time you have. To start there is its famed capital Jerusalem which holds the seats of the major Abrahamic religions from Christianity, Judaism and Islam each having its respective worshiping place.

There is the church of the holy sepulcher, a 4th-century Christian chapel where Christians go to worship and the western wall, an ancient Jewish worship center.  Dome of the rock with its magnificence is the center for Islamic worship.

The old city will wow you with its ancient architecture reminiscing of the olden times. There are also museums in the vicinity which allow you to have a look at the old life in Israel, its conquests and also its rich religious and cultural background.

To experience Israel’s nightlife, you will go further up the Mediterranean coast to Tel Aviv which is Israel’s largest metropolitan, financial and technological center. The economic vibrancy of Tel Aviv attracts several visitors mostly investors who come to have a share of the vast resources. The Mediterranean beach punctuating the city is a hub for relaxation and merrymaking giving rise to an awesome nightlife boosted by several resorts and nightclubs.

Israeli cuisine is one of the most amazing foods which you can come draws inspiration from the dominant Jewish and Mediterranean cuisine with ideas brought by the Jewish diaspora. There are also Arabic and general Middle Eastern influences on the dishes.

You can try out the falafel which is a ball of a deep-fried patty made of chickpeas and other herbs and vegetables. There is also the couscous, hummus and several salads that will give your tongue a tasty delight.

You can also partake in the Israeli culture by indulging in its literature dating ages back. The literature, mostly poetry which is in the Hebrew language. You can also take part in the music and dance festivals which borrow from its diverse cultural heritage from Jewish, Hebrew, Arabic and North African.

Religion is a huge part of Israeli culture being the center of the key Abrahamic religions. The dressing is part of the culture and consists of loose clothing owing to the high temperatures in the region.

Bottom Line

Israel is a promising travel destination which needs to feature on your checklist. Be sure to know the timing of your visit for preparation mostly according to the seasons. You can look up for more travel tips to this state and surrounding areas for a nice excursion to the Arabian Peninsula and the entire Middle East.


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